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[ann] trillian 3 public alpha

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found from blog.ceruleanstudios.com

some trillian 3 alpha .exe's have been sent to beta testers today. this is EXTREMELY exciting for me, and everyone else who uses trillian. I can't wait to see the improvements!

look on trillian.cc and see the sneak preview! :)

discus if you'd like...I can't wait to see the new evolution of skins...and one of our own danimator's iChat skins is featured in a preview...exciting!

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You said that there are exactly all the features of iChat!

What were you talking about?

Are there the iChat bubbles in the dialog screen? :)

Are there some additional features when compared to Trillian pro 2.013 that make it look like iChat?

i didn't mean exactly all the features. it does have tabbed ims like ichat 3 (Tiger) jaber suport (tiger) buddy icons for others on your list (trillian pro) your buddy icon on the buddy list (basic too!) and support for trillian 2 pro skins on basic so you all can use dan's trillian skin! even without purchasing pro!!!! i tried though and it didn't support pro plugins.
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@bondjames: i wish there was but unless its in the skin then its impossible. its not in the settings. i searched for it. oh and by tabbbed ims i mean in a window for lets say, my CyBrian1 AIM account: it shows a window with tabs at the top for each person i'm sending ims to with a window for each account. its a new evolution on the container features of trillian. you can set one container up for aqua-soft buddies, one for real life buddies, etc. it all depends on what you want with it.

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