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Your Top Favorite Windows Apps

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I posted this list exactly 3 years ago. Some have stood the test of time and some have not. I've crossed out the ones I don't particularly prefer anymore, and added a few new ones in bold.

RK Launcher

Firefox2 Google Chrome

Photoshop cs2 cs4

VLC Player wmp11 (consistently found it to have a much better quality video playback than vlc, and supports most filetypes with right codecs)

Winroll (one of my favorites.. tiny little app that lets you hide a window)

deskpins (another tiny & useful app that I found complements winroll well; lets you pin a window to top)

Trillian Pro 3.1

Winrar (still the best imo)


exact audio copy (gold standard for accurate cd rips)

handbrake (still testing it out, but so far a good h.264 encoder)

Ccleaner (haven't used it as much since win7, but still pretty handy to have)

uTorrent (still my favorite client)

AVG Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials (favorite 'set-and-forget' antivirus by FAR.. miles better than avg/avast/avira)

Mozilla Thunderbird

Microsoft Office (still miles ahead of any alternatives)


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