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Your Top Favorite Windows Apps

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Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 (payware): The easiest powerful PNG editor available, along with having the nicest ability to preview your font before applying it. The trial version IS the full version with this baby... plug in your purchased serial number and it will never bug you again.

Adobe Photoshop CS (payware): If you see someone with a site-based license with it, affiliate yourself with them. I got mine from my school's newspaper club. This program is god when it comes to graphics. Accept no substitutes unless you are completing simple tasks. For those, use Fireworks.

Safarifox (freeware): A joint work between hills, aquarius2003, Lynchknot, Magbi9, susumu, SAQLA, TSU, Piro, and Aladinsrl, this is simply the best modding package available to Firefox. Almost all of the items work for Firefox 1.0; it is seemless with PR. These are the best themes available as well for any Aqua-Modder.

Trillian 3.0 (freeware/shareware): This is the best IM client for ****ies and those who want seemless integration with the various chat networks. This is truly a b**** to skin, but we fortunately have danimator's various iChat clones for it. Trillian 3.0 Basic comes with full skinning support, so there is no reason to pass this one up.

ResHacker (freeware): The best way to change those fugly default icons for your applications. It backs up your .exe's too so if something goes wrong, you're a rename away from fixing your mistake. Word of advise though... don't play with Excel 2000 using this; it just doesn't work.

BlindWrite 5 (shareware): A nice ISO tool that lets you read, write, and copy CDs. Works for writing those ISOs for your other OS formats... good when backing up something like Knoppix. You pretty much have to pay for this because it is ANNOYING in its free state.

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okay, these are in no particular order, but I can't live without them:

Alcohol120%: I use it to back-up CD's so I don't need the original, also so I don't need a disc to play certain games. www.alcohol-soft.com (payware)

Adobe Photoshop 7: Anything to do with images can be done with this, very good program. www.adobe.com (payware)

TweakXP: Tweaks settings in WinXP, many different utilities that work good, including a transparent taskbar. www.totalidea.com/frameset-products (Try-Before-You-Buy)

Executive Software Defragger: Best defrag program out right now, works wonders in the drives. www.executive.com (payware)

System Mechanic 5: Registry Editor for people who don't understand it (me). Works excellently, worth every penny. www.iolo.com (payware)

iTunes: Enough said. www.apple.com/itunes (freeware)

Coolmon: Nifty app, displays almost any info you want it to say. www.coolmon.org (freeware)

It's not an app, but iTunes Sidekick is awesome; it gives a readout of artist/track/album that can be displayed in coolmon. www.runasoft.com/itunes (freeware)

Audacity: Pulls audio from any source. Works like a champ. www.audacity.sourceforge.net (freeware)

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I keep wiping out/reinstalling, so I made a list of all of the proggies I need. Descriptions will follow as time permits.

7-Zip (FREE - http://www.7-zip.com/): Zip/Unzip application supporting tons of compression types.

AdAware (FREE - http://www.lavasoft.de/): Spyware removal.

AllSnap (FREE - http://members.rogers.com/ivanheckman/): Snap windows to edges of screen and to each other.

AutoGK (http://www.autogk.net/): Automation conversion tool for Gordian Knot.

AveDesk: Duh.

AveDesk Shortcuts: Duh.

DVDDecrypter (http://www.dvddecrypter.com/): DVD rip tool.

DVDShrink (http://www.dvdshrink.org/): One step DVD rip/archive tool.

DivX Encoder (http://www.divx.com/divx/download/): Mpeg-4 video codec.

eBay Turbolister: Duh.

FinePrint (http://www.fineprint.com/): n-up printing.

Gallery Remote (FREE - http://gallery.sourceforge.net/): Java frontend for Gallery PHP.

Gimp (FREE - http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/)

Gimp GTK (FREE - http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/)

InternetTime (FREE - http://www.dougknox.com/): Change update interval for syncing system clock.

IrfanView (FREE - http://www.irfanview.com/) (PLUGINS - http://www.irfanview.com/)

LClock: Replacement for taskbar clock.

LogonLoader (FREE - http://logonloader.danielmilner.com/)

LogonStudio (FREE - http://www.stardock.com/products/logonstudio/)

Mozilla Firefox (FREE - http://www.getfirefox.com/)

Nero Burning ROM (http://www.nero.com/en/)

PocketDivXEncoder (http://divx.ppccool.com/): One-step tool for encoding video for Smartphones.

Quintessential Player (FREE - http://www.quinnware.com/): Best audio player bar none.

SSH Secure Shell (FREE - http://www.ssh.com/support/downloads/secureshellwks/): Excellent secure telnet client.

SmartFTP (FREE - http://www.smartftp.com/)

SmartSync Pro (SHAREWARE - http://www.smsync.com/): Sync files on multiple machines.

SpyBot Search and Destroy (FREE - http://security.kolla.de/)

Stardock BootSkin (http://www.stardock.com/)

Startup Control Panel (FREE - http://www.mlin.net/): Control what programs auto-start on boot.

SynchPST (SHAREWARE - http://www.synchpst.com/): Synchronize Outlook on two PCs.

TaskSwitch XP (http://taskswitchxp.sourceforge.net/): Better task switcher than MS Powertools.

Textpad (SHAREWARE - http://www.textpad.com/)

TreeSize (FREE - Google): REcursively reports directory sizes.

Trillian (SHAREWARE - http://www.trillian.cc/): IM client.

wget (http://www.interlog.com/~tcharron/wgetwin.html): Windows command-line version of *nix wget.

WinRoll (FREE - http://www.palma.com.au/winroll/)

Windows Media Encoder: Recode individual video and audio files.

Y'z Toolbar (FREE - Google)

ZoneAlarm (FREE - http://www.zonelabs.com/)

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AltDesk (share) -virtual desktops manager for Windows, with skins support.

Sysmetrix (free) -skinnable clock and metering application.(also controls winamp and other media players)

RKLauncher (free) -Dock type program used to launch programs

CDrun (free) -Small light cdplayer

ConquerCam (share) -Webcam Soft

PSPad (free) -Notepad replacement(tabbed viewing and other neat features)

Thunderbird (free) -Email client

FlashFXP (share) -Ftp Client

InfraView (free) -Image viewer

LockFolder XP (share) -Locks/Hides folder so other users can not get access to them

Firefox (free) -Web Browser

DynDNS Updater (free) -Updates DynDNS.org account with current IP

Trillian (free/share) -All in one IM client

AveDesk (free) -Desktop Widget App

Winamp (free/share) -Audio/video player

Getright (share) -Download Manager

WindowBlinds (share) -Windows Themer

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KCeasy - For your music needs, using openFT. [FREE] >link<

Lavalys EVEREST - See a bunch about your comp. [FREE] >link<

PicoZip - Handling my .RARs [and others] since 2003. [$$] >link<

IconTweaker - Change your icons, create themes, can't live without. [FREE] >link<

AWicons - Second only to IconWS5 for icon creation. [FREE/$$] >link<

Axialis IconWorkshop - Create icons, export to .PNGs, another cantLW. [$$$] >link<

AdMuncher - Blocks internet ads and more, great for IE6. [$$] >link<

Privacy Guardian - Deletes stuff that's hidden, you don't want, or need. [$$] >link<

Notepad - Simple text files, I love it. [FREE]

PowerDVD - Plays your DVD videos with authority. [$$] >link<

--Already Mentioned but great--

Konfabulator 2, RK Launcher , Y'z Toolbar, NeoTheme .

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Adobe Products - Photoshop, Illustrator

Macromedia - Dreamweaver, Flash, Captivate

CD Utilities - Nero 6, Alcohol120%, DVD Shrink

P2P - Limewire, Bitcomet

Security - NOD32, Microsoft Anti-Spyware

Messaging - Trillian Pro

Desktop Enhance - uxtheme modded, iconpackager, yz dock

Gaming Apps- Counter Strike, Ventrilo, Red Alert 2

Internet - Firefox

Media Player - Winamp with the Enhancer DSP, Classic Media Player

I wanna get that into a norton ghost image so when i format my computer I don't have to install all that :P

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