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Your Top Favorite Windows Apps

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I found the thread in Mac OS X forum titled "Your favorite Mac Apps" very usefull so i thought i start something like that for Win platform. Please post app name, description, link and if it`s freeware of shareware. Post off-topic stuff only in extreme conditions

Ok, here`s my list:

AveDesk - the best icon enchancer/widget app out there. Light as a feather, powerfull as an app can be, free and the guy who wrote it is a computing God :P . I think this should be enough.



FireFox - even though i get pissed off by some bug from time to time, basically i love FF. Fast and secure, with seXXi themes, powerfull extensions and lightm it`s all i ask from a browser.



iTunes - the ultimate music player/organizer. Even though i wouldn`t mind it starting a bit faster, it`s my player of choice. iTMS is also a plus.



True Launch Bar - best program launcher for Windows i found. Can be configured with hotkeys, hotspots, mouse hover and lots of other neat stuff. Seems impossible but it`s so light on resources that i bet it would run on ANY system.

Shareware - 19.99


ObjectDock - the most advanced dock out there (for Win). It might not be a perfect OS X dock clone but it doesn`t need to be ;) ObjectDock Plus is also neat but i found out that ever since i bought TLB i rarely use tabs anymore :slant:



Neowin Uxtheme patch - i find it`s the easiest (free) way to a seXXi windows. it`s a small utility that patches uxtheme.dll and enables usage of third party visual styles in windows.



IconPackager - the best thing (after OD) that ever left StarDock's labs. Utillity for changing, organizing and packing icons system wide. Not free but does everything i need it to do, and does it well. :)



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all are freeware...

irfanview--best image viewing app...


dvd shrink--great way to backup dbl-sided dvd to standard dvd


orbit dock--i've seen this in development from the start, this latest version finally hooked me. stable, fast. made by a member here, menge.


cdEx--good cd ripper.



gspot codec appliance--identify what video/audio codec was used for a file.


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TweakUI- Need I say more?

dbPowerAmp Music Converter: Great for converting music, and ripping. Supports Extensions/Codecs

MyUninstall- Great Uninstall program

StartupRun- Edit startup programs

And there are scores of others, most of them utilities and GUI Too many to post here :)


Note: Should we try and keep this thread freeware, or note clearly where there's a shareware app?

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Let me see...

AveDesk 1.1 for my desktop shortcuts.

Opera webbrowser Never experianced a better webbrowser yet. Nothing beats mouse gestures!

StrokeIt (mouse gestures ala Opera).

Startup Delayer I ecspecially like the Graphical mode that shows which proggy is being booted at startup and the option to cancel it.

True Launchbar (Superior replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar)

winiso (open, edit, extract .iso files, change .bin to .iso and vice versa).

Regseeker (RegSeeker includes a powerful registry cleaner and can display various informations like your startup entries, several histories (even index.dat files), installed applications and much more)

eMule (slow downloads, but never have corrupted d/l's or hoaxes, very rare files can also be found here).

And (off course) Windowblinds I can't stand pc's with standard Luna/classic skin.

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AveDesk - You've already described it.

Kapsules - Konfabulator for Windows basically. [http://www.kapsules.shellscape.org]

Entbloess 2.5 - Expose for Windows [http://www.entbloess.com/]

VideoLan - Plays anything, great video player. [http://www.videolan.org]

IconPackager - Changes system wide icons [http://www.iconpackager.com]

RealVNC - Remote desktop control [http://www.realvnc.com]

Opera - Best browser for me, even the built in IRC client is damn good. [http://www.opera.com]

ObjectDock Plus - Always install it again [http://www.objectdock.com]

A load more I can't remember. Though Windowblinds should be there.

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I can barely stand using a computer without any of these installed:

LiteStep - *THE* shell for windows (open source).

Servant Salamander - the best file manager out there (shareware).

4NT/Take Command - the most useful command prompt replacement I've ever seen (shareware).

SciTE - A very good tabbed text editor, with syntax highlighting, code folding and a lot other nice featuers (open source).

Opera - My favorite browser. Firefox is very nice too, but Opera is still my favorite (shareware).

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Firefox -Browser reloaded

Y'z Toolbar -Enhance the explorer window

StyleXP -Make Windows look 1000% better

Winamp 5 -Best media player (period)

GIMP -Free Photoshop equivalent

GAIM -AOL IM without all the ads/popups

Kapsules -Desktop calendar, weather etc.

Litestep -Best windows shell out there

Particle Fire -Once you see this screensaver, you'll never use another

Virtual Dub -Real easy video editing

Audacity -Real easy audio editing

Alurio - IRC replacement

Omega ATI drivers -Must have for any serious overclockers

Free CD Ripper -Excellent ripper

DB Power AMP -Smooth integrated file converter

WordPerfect -Blows Word out of the water

FrontPage -Way better than notepad for making .html files

Tilp -Transfer tool for Ti Calculators

WinRAR -Easy, powerful file compression

Xfire -Must have for online gamers

Post Edited.

Don't post links to Y'z Dock, as Mr. Yamaguchi has requested that we no longer distribute it.


Stevie BM

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all-in-one im chat client (open source) - miranda: http://miranda-im.org/

the best browser (open source) - mozilla firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

console (open source) - console: http://sourceforge.net/projects/console

widget/stats (freeware) - samurize: http://www.samurize.com/modules/news/

dock (freeware) - y'z dock: no linky!

music player (freeware) - winamp: http://winamp.com/

video players (freeware) - kool-playa: http://kool-playa.de/ media player classic (open source): http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ackage_id=84358

uxtheme hack (freeware) - vortex patch:

the ultimate hacking app (freeware) - resource hacker: http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/

the ultimate replacement app (freeware) - replacer: http://www3.telus.net/_/replacer/

icon changer (freeware) - iconphile: http://www.virtualplastic.net/scrow/iphile.html

temp. monitors (freeware) - motherboard monitor: http://mbm.livewiredev.com/ speedfan: http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

firewall (freeware) - kerio personal firewall 2.1.5: http://www.kerio.com/kpf_download.html

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Ok, you people are way too used to not giving a rats ass of what is said.

If your programs are not linked and described, your post goes bye-bye, simple enough? It was stated on the first post.


The Posts Have Been Deleted

// Seph

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I can't believe no one's mentioned Windows Media Player.

How's a man to watch all that porn without it? :D

Easy, with Divx player :P (a media player specially designed to play Divx encoded videos...www.divx.com)

*the above statement does not reflect the actions of the author and is in now way a confirmation of porn-watching.*

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The Proxomitron - Excellent local proxy used to eliminate ads, popups, etc. Used with JDList Configs

VLC Media Player - Plays practically any video file you have.

Tsunami MPEG Encoder - Convert video filetype to S/VCD and DVD.

Daemon Tools - Mount CD images on virtual drives.

Isobuster - CD and DVD recovery tool.

AveDesk - Desktop shortcuts, FTP drop, Icon drop, etc.

Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15 - Best free rules based firewall.

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Here are my favourite Windows applications:

First those which are not so common

1.Macrorunner - Close multiple apps, start multiple apps etc etc.This is what I use to start Games in my computer.( Maximum two macros possible)

2.Wordweb - Free thesarus and dictionary.(Free)

3. Getright - The best download manager.A must have if you are on dialup.(Shareware)

4.dBowerAMP Music Converter - Convert any music format to any other.(Free)

5. Regcleaner - Edit startup items, clean registry, uninstall progs etc etc.(Free)

And now the common ones:

6.Windowblinds - Change the look of Windows completely. v4 is the best ever and it does not slow down your system.(shareware)

7. ObjectDock+ - An application launcher which does it with style.(Shareware)

8. Yz Shadow - Attach a drop sahdow to windows. Transparency.(Free)

9. iTunes - It doesn't need a description.(Free)

10. Winamp - For those file formats which iTunes doesn't support.(Free)

Avedesk is so common it doesn't need mentioning.

If you need more consult the posts above/below.;)

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drat. sorry about that useless post with no links i didn't notice............


-strokeit http://www.tcbmi.com/strokeit/ mouse commands that prevent me from having to aim and miss the minimize button and close program.

-itunes www.apple.com at the download section. listen to music and to emulate panther

-pearpc www.pearpc.net running mac osx on windows. now, it's kinda slow though.

-tons and tons of programs at www.majorgeeks.com i can't list them all there's so many programs like 20 or so that i use from that site including 3dmark, cpu monitoring sotware, booting managers, you name it a good site if you want to find some freeware stuff

- burn4free www.burn4free.com free burning software more stable than nero

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