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November 2004 Screenshots Thread


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Remember: ignorance ISN'T an excuse

Lets get this pixel showcase started then people!, on your marks... get set... POST!

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Argh!!! Wanted to post a really scary one... Here it is anyways!




-- Smooth Metal

-- H3O


-- Bz Soft Aqua WindowBlinds

-- Bz Smooth Stripes ObjectBar

AveDesk 1.1:

-- Bz SkinChanger


-- Same person who did H3O Icons. Go to DeviantArt.


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Last night..


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VS: Aqua Sunken Milk (bz wb port)

Icons: Puft, SnowE2, LHA drives, ipod serie

Wall: Aquastripes by zpodseven

Apps: AveDesk, Yz Apps, iTunes



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VS: Xi Fresh Snow (bz wb port)

Icons: Puft, SnowE2, LHA drives, ipod serie

Wall: Devil may cry, devil may care

Apps: AveDesk, Yz Apps, iTunes

waiting for your somatic port bz ;)

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