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[link] Entbloess - Expose clone.

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i don't necessary agree with the last post. the whole concept behind expose/entbloess is so you will see previews of your "windows". since widgets, docks, etc are really just enhancements to your desktop, why do you need them to be expose'd? besides, how does it make sense to expose and then use your avedesk, objectbar, dock, konfab, etc?
I didnt mean for it to expose icons/widgets/docks, that definetely wouldn't make any sense. On Apple's Expose, when windows are exposed the icons, dock, etc become part of the tinted background instead of disappearing.

I also found a bug with Objectdock Plus, I have a regular dock at the bottom of the screen and an autohiding tabbed dock at the top. When I expose all windows the tabbed dock turns into a white block. After I select a window, it stays as a white block and is rendered unusable until I close the program. Maybe an exclude list based on window handle/process name (you know, drag this target onto the window you want excluded). That would work great and would allow users to easily set up exclusions.

Another bug I found is when I am browsing to certain web pages (www.commerceonline.com for example), with live update on sometimes things like scrolling text pops through and reveals itself in it's original position and size. And I tried to use the interact with exposed windows features and it only works once in a while. But seeing live previews of all my windows is awesome, i'm not even too worried about interacting with them.

Also, I just pressed F9 right now I noticed that the foreground window is not updating even though I have update foreground window at regular intervals enabled. When I change it's size, it then updates.

Other than that I have been using it for a week and it is definetely better than Winplosion, you can't even put Winplosion and this program side to side. I also noticed that this program recognizes transparant regions (great for itunes with the mplugin, you probably remember what winplosion did with that), that is awesome, great work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the next update

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Anybody experience blank (or transparent) screen when show all windows, using older nvidia driver such as v. 30.82 and below? Hovering mouse tp thumbnail only show text and desktop. Sometime a distorted image with test. It seemed that blank screen always associated with "Live Preview" in older driver. Updating to newer driver solved this problem, but this will cause slow in game play on older card. Dilemma. Can this be solved?

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@ShaniackXP, have a bug to report..

When this setting is enabled: "Use a combination of slide and fade effects.."

when entbloess is activated, (Show all windows with "Show the minimized window's caption bar only..") it seems as if a screenshot of the desktop is taken, super-imposed on the screen and allowed to fade out as the windows animate and "expose"... and during this process.. the image is offset down the screen by exactly the heighth of the taskbar. Once the image completely fades, you almost wonder if you had just seen the shift, but then when you select a window and all the windows begin to animate back to their original positions.. you see this "slightly shifted down" desktop screenshot begin to fade into view, and and at the last moment, with the desktop windows restoring to their normal positions, the animation seems to jump as the windows super-impose back to their original positions vs. the faded into screenshot. Please see attached image.

Also, a question, internet explorer's window always flickers once when the windows are returning from being "exposed" would you know the reason? Is there a work around to this? Normal explorer windows do not flicker.

thanks & Regards,



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there's this:


This excerpt is from entbloess's forum (shane):

I have released version 2.7.2. It does not feature as many features as was to be in 2.8, but it does feature a lot of bug fixes. It will take a while for download.COM to update its copy so you'll have to wait.

this is a question i posted on the forum:

Will we be able to tell by the file name or somthing to that effect, the updated version when it hits download.com?

no response yet...

@ others:

Okay I returned the price back to what it was

Still $7.99 for a great program. ;)

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