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[link] Entbloess - Expose clone.

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Well, been using this since the thread was posted, and I must admit it has been stable and fast. Even with Photoshop, Premiere Pro 1.5, Windows Media Player, Opera, Explorer, Kapsules, and AveDesk running and all active it hasn't failed once to "Expose' everything it's meant to. Kaps, Ave and ObjectDock are all unaffected.

Good stuff.

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Thanks for the link; very nice program. I've been having a play around with it and the only issues I can see is that window captures don't always work (sometimes show nothing at all, or the wrong app) and once you've pressed F9 then the whole thing seems to be at a very low resolution, and blurred quite a bit. Those are just minor things, though. ;)

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heh, i found a bug... a pretty crazy one actually. if you change your font size to something really small, like 1, and certain fonts... after you press 'ok' your settings will be screwed. the program will say it'll default to its original setting, but it doesn't work. the program freezes and uses up 50%+ of my cpu cycle.

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Just up the settings to Hi-Res captures to stop it being blurry.

Thanks, that seems to have solved the window previews being slightly blurry. However, the text overlayed on it seems to be blurred a lot. I'll have a play around with some of the font settings and see if that helps :slant:

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