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[help] ShellInit/window margins

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I use Hawkeye Shellinit to make two margin spaces on my screen; I don't like my windows extending all the way up to my object bar so I have like 10-15 pixels at the top, and then on the bottom to accomodate ObjectDock. Anyway. The problem is that sometimes it will randomly get to the point where whenever I maximize a window, even if for the first time, it will shift the window up when maximized.

Visualize two nice neat margins at the top and bottom ordinarily--ObjectBar, margin, Window, margin/ObjectDock. When the margins malfunction, the window starts from the very top, from underneath ObjectBar and there becomes a larger margin at the bottom. I.e., it's like the window stays the exact same size, but moves up to the top of the screen.

ShellInit reports the x,y values of windows, and I forget exactly how it went, but it was something like the y value of the window read as the right thing but was still at the top, or something like that. It wasn't what I think it was supposed to be. This could just be myself misreading the information, so I'll try to get some real numbers when it happens again.

I can fix it temporarily by minimizing everything and restoring it again (Windows Key-D twice) but this is not a neat solution. But then, after a reboot, the problem is fine.

I've traced, for the moment, the problem to WindowBlinds. When the program would be unloaded, the margins would work fine always. Otherwise, while the problem was persisting, starting WindowBlinds again would create the problem again; only a reboot fixes it for a certain time, e.g., right now, it's fine.

So... does anyone else have this problem? Or any ideas about why WindowBlinds would be messing up... erm... I'm not entirely sure what to call the space that is reserved to not be used by maximized windows... ?

And, incidentally, I found another program that does the same thing as ShellInit, and the same problem persisted with the new program to. So... I think this is an issue with WindowBlinds.

I'll post a screenshot when it happens again if anyone needs it, but my description above describes it well enough.

Anyway, not too big of a deal, but everything is a lot nicer and more functional with the margins working properly.

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Ah, interesting. I will check that out. One thing I forgot to mention was that I tried several skins while it was happening and the clipping was still off, but perhaps all of the ones I tried had some clipping setting that is culprit. Thanks.

Edit: the confusing part, though, is why it starts off fine and then all of a sudden gets messed up.

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