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[ann] Serious Samurize v1.60 Release


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Latest release. You can get it from





* fixed graphic object height buttons bug

* fixed minor alert bug

* fixed minor graph bugs

* fixed bounce scrolling bug

* fixed large fonts problem with Instance Manager

* Fixed Bug with leading and trailing spaces/tabs removed on Text Output

* fixed Analog meter memory leak

* fixed About box bug for visual plugins

* fixed "No Disk" Drivespace meter error

* leading zeroes now preserved in text display type

* fixed instance manager error on first use

* fixed Server pause bug

* fixed commandline option bugs when instance/config names contain "reserved" commands

* Pin to Desktop "Compatibility Mode" for users running multimonitor setups

* fixed minor image bug so image does not get reset when clicking in the path box

* fixed select config file menu bug

* fixed png/xml server commandline options

* 'close' commandline option does not open an instance if it is not running

* fixed server PNG output bug when no config loaded


* loop N times for animated GIFs

* translated Instance Manager

* instance names no longer case-sensitive

* multiline scrolling supported

* zoom up to 1200%

* individual refresh rates per meter

* New Look Toolbars and Menu Bars

* Improved Preferences Dialog Box

* custom colors loaded/saved on show/close color dialog

* upgraded graphics engine (should be stabler)

* reduced CPU usage for Image display type when aspect ratio not maintained

* 12-hour time display without AM/PM for DateTime meter

* taskbar client API calls

* snap to screen edges works with edges of multiple monitors

* multiple drive selection for DriveSpace meter

* Reload/Edit Config buttons, tray icon for instance manager

* Instance manager menu option in clients

* Min digits before decimal place for text display meter

* pressing enter applies all edit controls

* Text meter wrapping - words that are too long for a line are wrapped

* %v works in sound/command alerts/meter linkage

* tweaked tray icon to use 16x16 icons in preference to 32x32, and relative paths

* image cropping option for Image display type

* Config name added to client tray icon hint

* Ctrl+Shift+V performs paste meter in original position

* tweaked meter linkage/alert commands to pass parameters correctly

* new icons (big props to JyriK)

* Added Edit Image buttons to Background image and Meter Image properties

* Proxy settings

New Features:

* Run Meters when Config loads into Editor

* SpeedFan meter type

* CPU priority

* PHPScript support

* Import Export tool for easy config sharing


* Language settings

* Winning configs from the last config competition are included

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