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Anyone used CHERRY OS

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"We are working on G5 emulation"

Um.... 64 bit operations and emulation is not possible on 32bit x86...

G4 emulation.... just doesn't seem possible to me... G3 obviously is... but G4?

Even newer versions of PearPC (0.4 pre) do G4 emulation too.

So there's nothing new.

Even a 486 can emulate OS x through PearPc ...very slow, but still.

So 64 emulated on a 32bit processor...who knows (although it can never be very fast ;) )

"Mac OS X emulator...." Mac OS X is software and not physical, what about OS 9 or even 8?

the emulation of Mac OS 8.1 can even be done on Basalisk II, even smoothly on my pc (see specs below).

Pearpc is not an OS X emu, but a PPC emu.

Cherry OS, which I and the rest of the world believe to be fake, claims to be able to emulate both OS X and OS 9. PearPC can't do OS 9, neither can Bassalisk II. Even sheepshaver can't emulate above OS 8.6, although it can[/] emulate a PPC.

PearPC was the first to be able to boot OS X (even on my pc).

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About CherryOS, it am pretty surprised that no one noticed in the video the white bar between the actual OSX screen and the window titlebar. JUST LIKE PEARPC (non SDL).

Also G5 emulation IS possible, but it will be slow as hell (translating 32 bits addresses to 64 bits, and BACK, which is the hardest part of course...). Since G5 have the same amount of memory as PC, it can be done (a G5 memory address can he translated back to 32 bits, because the G5 has less that 4gb of memory, which is the 32 bits integer limit (2^32-1)).

Just my opinion though...


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Can this be flagged somehow so that all people asking about CherryOS get the message?

Between this expose on Arben K and his history of stealing the code of others and selling it illegally (Arben is the "developer" of CherryOS though he has changed his story and now claims that he was merely the "visionary" behind it, not the programmer -- rather unbelievable since there are records of him posting about elementary PHP questions on various newgroups)... to today's article in Wired News which includes these choice quotations (see below)... there's very little room to doubt:

- CherryOS *does* exist in the sense that you can download a program called CherryOS that attempts to make it possible to run OS X on an x86 machine

- However CherryOS is a rip/copy of PearPC, straight from its GPL source. This is a very illegal violoation of PearPC's GPL license because CherryOS is neither crediting PearPC nor "giving back" to PearPC the code that they may have changed or added. Since CherryOS is a rip of PearPC, it will NOT deliver on the 80% performance promised, and in fact, it even lacks some of the features that newer builds of PearPC have (native CD-ROM on Windows, sound, etc).

Dave Schroeder, senior systems engineer at the University of Wisconsin, examined a pre-release copy of CherryOS downloaded from Maui X-Stream by Wired News. Schroeder concluded CherryOS is likely PearPC wrapped in a different package.

Schroeder said he compared the names of various functions and variables in CherryOS and PearPC, and found they all matched.

"This is pretty clear-cut," he said. "They are, in fact, using significant amounts of code from PearPC."

The software does include functions of starting and stopping the emulator, and support for multiple profiles, but the implementation is rough and incomplete, he said.

Sebastian Ballas, PearPC's lead developer, said a screenshot of CherryOS shows a variable named "SPIRO MULTIMAX 3000," a nonsensical term Ballas claims to have invented for use in PearPC.

"It is absolutely unlikely that someone uses exactly this name for the same purpose," he said. "The way he (Kryeziu) is lying is making me angry."

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CherryOS Not BS, Author Says

"None whatsoever," he said. "We did not use any PearPC code."

Sebastian Ballas, PearPC's lead developer, said a screenshot of CherryOS shows a variable named "SPIRO MULTIMAX 3000," a nonsensical term Ballas claims to have invented for use in PearPC.

"It is absolutely unlikely that someone uses exactly this name for the same purpose," he said. "The way he (Kryeziu) is lying is making me angry."

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CherryOS Not All It's Cracked Up To Be topicaposx.gif


Posted by timothy on Monday October 18, @05:47PM

from the turns-into-a-pumpkin dept.

CherryBS writes "The CherryOS emulator, claiming that it could seamlessly run Mac OS X at 80% the speed of the host computer on standard x86 hardware (covered here previously), has created some controversy about stolen code. It turns out that CherryOS's emulation engine is nothing more than that of PearPC, an open source GPL project to create a PowerPC motheboard emulator." Read on for more details.

CherryBS continues "PearPC developers who have seen CherryOS have confirmed it is a fraud, while others remaining anonymous have posted the 'strings' output that CherryOS and PearPC share, showing many function names, warning/informational message strings that exist verbatim in PearPC. Additionally, now-pulled screenshots of CherryOS, mirrored in the long thread at pearpc.net, show CherryOS's boot process revealing variable names and missing or incorrectly emulated hardware in such a way as to be specific to PearPC. Arben Kryeziu, the developer of CherryOS, claims that no code has been taken from PearPC whatsoever, and that he will release a trial version this week. However, with the amount of deception on the part of the company, and considering this wouldn't be the first time he's violated the GPL, it's hard to believe they're telling the truth. Additionally, Kryeziu now claims the "trial" may "disable modules like sound or drag and drop"...likely because PearPC itself does not support such features. To further add to the tale, someone who was likely Arben was specifically asking for video server load testing for their vx30.com video codec/server product, even specifically mentioning slashdot as a great candidate, and in the days following the CherryOS story unfolding, went back and deleted the posts. The first day, all that was left online were two videos, one of which was subsequently removed because of PearPC-specific strings in the boot process shown in the video..."

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Personally I think this Topic should be closed and flagged...

CherryOS is officially a fraud, plain and simple.

Don't use it, don't even talk about it...

Unless its to ridicule Arben....

Hmm I wonder if thier is any connection between Arben and Aafus and his joke

of an os BabyaOS?

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