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Interesting little bug in ObjectDock


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I was messsing with a text file in notepad, and went to save with Ctrl+S and said there was an unexpected error with notepad so it closed. Well the icon on ObjectDock remainded there, and when clicked does nothing of course. Since the menu option to delete the item off the dock has been removed the only way to remove the icon was to restart ObjectDock. Has anyone else had this problem?

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yeah i actually used the delete icon to delete those tasks.. just had one now, closed mirana (icq, msn client) and the icons remained on the dock.. now i cant get rid of it at all.

also, another bug, for some reason, objectdock randomly crashes when im using halflife.

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maybe i'll explain the halflife bug a bit better. For no reason, often in the middle of a game the dock will just crash and I'll get the XP "this app has borked" screen. I dont think its the resolutions, it seems to handle that fine, its during a game, often after a random amount of time.

otherwise, thanks for the swift dock.

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