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October 2004 Screenshots Thread


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Guest javagreen
Cream Metal Milk (Arita)

Apps: Firefox Kkmenu Regnessem NatchiDesk WindowZ400FX

Man, I've been looking for that wallpaper......got a link to that wallpaper? If ya don't have a link, mail it to me! My e-mail is in my sig.....

Also, any chances of you releasing that Cream metal Milk? It looks fabulous!


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Theme: TrafficMilk

Wallpaper: H2003-WARLOCK by Patrick Bennett

Icons: WOA Haunted Harddrives, After Dark

Messenger: Adium .70 Beta 6

Konfabulator: iTunesController, timezonabulator, Battery Bar.

Menubar: Butler, MenuCalendarClock, WinSwitch

It's a halloween mac...

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May be slightly unworksafe.

VS: Slightly modded Royale Inspirat (wider Start Menu, Segoe UI font)

WP: Mod of an image from GFXartist.com

Icons: Mixture of Minium°, OS X icons, iconfactory and Snow.E2 Lime folders

Apps: Recolour of Stefanka's Iconbook skin (not for release), Rainlender Moderna skin, Avedesk for the drive info and Y'z Toolbar.





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