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October 2004 Screenshots Thread


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Hey Simon,

I ripped the trash icon from one of Seph's older screenshots and he's already said he can't release it, so ya... not hard to remove the bg though.... *whistles*

And I believe the crate icon in that guy's screenie is from the Kong iconset at the Icon Factory.

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Mind if I ask where you got that crate icon from? Thanks :D

@Eric - also, where did you get your Takin' out The Trash icon. Again, thanks.

I'm on a icon hunt tonight! ;)

its from the king kong icon set from iconfactory

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Simon, that "to be organized" icon is a mod of unisons resources. It should not be disrtibuted as it is modified work of mike matas.

Please, remove the images quoted from your posts! You should know that!!

While i figure out how to delete posts i will have to edit you guys. Spare me that.

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Shiggy is on my contact list and he knows he can contact me anytime he wants about it. If it is on my server it is because i forgot to delete it.

Now, 2 things...

1. - I host what i very well please on my server

2. - Did your mother never teach you that you do not snoop around people's things?

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