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[preview] Spirit Calculator


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I'm inspired by Stefanka's spirit skin for winamp,

and did one myself for cloanto Calculator.

Modified from Stefanka's spirit skin, so i guess i need to ask for permission b4 release?

And i need help for changin the clr of the text: currently its black at 0x000000..whats the code for white?

and theres a mysterious banding at the part where i circled when its in deselected mode...anyone noes how to fix it?


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Originally posted by luciferx@Sep 30 2004, 11:12 AM

its 0xFFFFFF. but when i do that i cant see the numerals..its became almost transparent...helpĀ  :cry:


Hmm, try using something to the extent of GGGGGG, that'll give you some sort of light gray - almost white, I think.

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