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New ObjectDock 0.51 Available


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I'm finding more good news about this last release of Objectdock .52. It did not interfere with the graphics of Age of Empires (for you game lovers try your favorite ones).

Although it blinks with WMP or Quicktime when the movie overlaps over the dock it is not as severe as Mobydock or Y's dock. Also it does not freeze the video.

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Wow!! jeff... you've just gained a new OD user... i've changed definitely to OD.. si so fast in my labtop.. no matter the configuration i use... you've acomplished such a creation....

what i'd like to have in OD is to have the choice of puting any icon we want in the task bar... i found that if a erase the recycle bin an add it again it will apear in the task bar... but as soon as i close all the running apps the separator disapear and the trash can gets mixed again with the rest of the icons.... it would be good if the separator just stay there keeping the trash can or any other icon i add in the taskbar.....

btw.... is odd... but i used to use msstyles to skin windows... but this week a OS X WB skin made me come back to Object Desktop... and now Object Dock gains my heart!! :rolleyes: 2 stardock products in the same week.... ;)

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and also... change the order in which the icons in the taskbar apear... a mean.... if i put the trash can in the taskbar at the right side... when i open a new windows the icon of the applications apear after the trash can... if the order is changed... to make icons apear from the separator side... in that way the tras icon would be always the last one

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Nice product and update.

What I need in the future. The taskbar Must appears between the quicklaunch section and the trash (the trash MUST remains in the righ part of the dock).

The icons MUST support Drag & Drop (not only the trash, but folders, QCD or Winamp, etc.), by Shift + Drag or Alt + Drag (Ctrl+Click may remains the quick method to quit the Dock).

The magnification effect MUST be more contrastant

The possibility to set the transparency and the background of the Dock, other than using Reshack

The authide instead of 'on top' customization

The Trash must displays correctly its status (empty or full)

The customization dialog via Right Click on the free part of the Dock (as Y'z)

I appreciate verry much the possibility of changing of the background applications icons

I hope and TRUST in the future versions

Verry nice job, jeff, my fully appreciations!

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