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New ObjectDock 0.51 Available


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WOW! This objectdock is near perfect. the new magnification works amazingly well. new font settings are great. WOW. that's all i can say.

now if you just add auto-hide it will be damn near perfect :) GREAT JOB.

oh, and i've definitely switched now. no more moby, no more Y'z. it's all about the objectdock. (at least for now :P)

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this looks reeeaaly great! very cool that you can customize a lot of stuff, like the magnification, taskbar position.....also really fast...

however: it still crashes when I hover my favourites very fast in IE. Seems it tries to make a screenshot of every shortcut that the cursor hovers over, and puts it in the taskbar, which is then overloaded with shortcuts...very weird.

I Use windowblinds, object bar and objectdock on W2K. Anyone know what this is about?

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Well....I still prefer the Y'z Dock's magnification effect (yes, I did select the 'new magnification mode') but the dock runs very nicely now...very smooth and fast but the 'poof' effect is dirty...(it gives an ugly brown poof')

But overall a good update....worth the download :D


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Nice work!!! I love this dock, but I think that it's much better if it can magnify larger just like the Y'z dock, cause now the magnification is not very noticable when I choose the dock size larger....it would be very nice if the magnification can be set to higher than 128.

Of couse, an autohide function is a definite need as well. Also, will you add the function to change the postion of the dock in the next version?

Thanks!!!! Keep it up!!!!

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The magnification effect is perfect and so much faster than the first version. This is becoming one hell of a dock! With a glued to desktop feature, active apps triangles and the recycle bin sharing the system section on the far right, this will be perfect.

Thanks again for bringing this one out.


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I doubt jeff will want to rise the magnification because anything beyond 128 will cause the icons to become pixellated unless the new GDI engine thing can blur it. The dock does seem faster now but right now I'm at a cross road that I didn't think I would possibly come to........objectdock or y'z dock 00

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retorical question dontya think? :D

I choose OD cause no doubt it is the closest to the real osx so far.. the mag is a completely different thing now.. it has lined up pretty well with the zooming effect yz dock and the MAC dock have.

I ADORE YZ. it was the best so far.

hell, i cant believe we reached a point we can say :

"...I'm at a cross road that I didn't think I would possibly come to........objectdock or y'z dock 00 ..."

:P:P:P hehehe

its all good!

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Well Deciever is right with the pixelated look, but that's true only with the custom engine. With the GDI+ engine, it gets stretched nicly. Can't even tell! I don't like making it overly-easy to make it extra-large though, as it just makes it tempting to crank it up and often times that's not going to look good, especially for those using the custom engine. Think here's what I'll do: have a checkbox under it with something like "Allow magnification to over the original image sizes (128 pixels)" or something of that sort. Upon checking that, the slider's range would double. Sound reasonable?

Hrm I'm going to need to clean up this options dialog at some point here. Think a nice tabbed-dialog is in order.

hell, i cant believe we reached a point we can say : QUOTE  

"...I'm at a cross road that I didn't think I would possibly come to........objectdock or y'z dock 00 ..."

...give me some time - i've only been out for a few days right? :D


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I don't post often but I had an idea thaty may be of some benefit. In the running tasks side of the dock, would it be possible to implement something similar to Windows XP where if you have multiple instances of Internet Explorer open, it automatically consolidated them into one icon with a menu allowing you to navigate between different browser windows? I think this would help to save screen real estate as when you have too many icons on the dock, it either shrinks or runs off the edge of the screen. Just a thought.

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I just would like to say...awesome job! This is replaced my taskbar...so now I can use the taskbar to display system information (battery life left, CPU usage, RAM remaining, date, clock, system icons, quick launch folders) Otherwise my tasks and quick launch has a new friend in OD!

I'm content with the release ^_^ as it's perfect for me. Its not slow, it does what is needed, and i hacked into it and made the background transparent to my liking. Of course I'd like pop-up menus, but that seems hard to impliment, so I won't complain. Love your work!

(I'm curious, in Mac OS X, the background isn't transparent, right? I don't really care...i like the transparent look better, my personal opinion)

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