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[release] @zscreen

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Hi Everybody ...

As i said, as i do !!!

This is the release V1.2b of @zScreen with some improvements and bug correction :

- New delay before redraw parameter in config (a window is redrawing only if no event is received during this delay).

- @zScreen automatically hide itself when no windows are open (in AlwaysOnTop mode).

- Always CPU optimization.

For the next release :

- Horizontal Skin

- One Window mode (Only one window are drawed on the screen and use @zScreen like a remote).

And may be more if you give me some good ideas ;-)

LeFOOL : Born to be FOOL ...


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Wow, very, very nice!

Simply amazing.

Some suggestions- you need an Aqua skin. Otherwise, I think this thread will get deleted, or moved to Aero-Soft.

More of an Aqua icon- basically, just something black and white in the aqua style.

Other than that, I think it's very nice! Maybe an option to specify the title of certain apps.


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Originally posted by EasyTeck@Sep 21 2004, 10:27 AM


"Charnoke" : What is your OS ? / Did you use the very last release of @zScreen ?

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I know is quite strange, because the app seems to be working fine for everybody but me :cry: . Anyway, the OS is Windows XP SP1 (i don't want to install the SP2 because it does not work properly with msstyles :rant: ) and I download the @zscreen 1.2b ( I think it is the last that you released)...

I remember I had the same CPU problem with @znotes, and it was actually a bug, so maybe it's that, or just I'm so f***g bad for this stuff... >.<

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Originally posted by EasyTeck@Sep 21 2004, 01:29 PM

Hi Charnoke,

Did you have the first window of @zScreen (on the left of the screen) with something inside ?

If Yes, is the crash came when you put the mouse on a screen icon on @zScreen ?

I try to reproduce the crash, but i can't ...

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Yes, I had the app running ok (i think) similar to the screenshot that you posted, but when i click in the screen (the one inside the app) everythings hangs... :cry:

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Thanks Sen for your answer, but i already try SPrintWindow lib from Siwu, but it is too hardware dependant and i alway have some trouble to use it without "bleu crash".

Siwu make a wonderfull job with this library, but it's not for me for the moment (I'm not a very good programmer, i only have some ideas ;-))))

LeFOOL : Born to be FOOL ...

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