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[release] @znote

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Please, be Zen ... I just try to realize some skinable apps to help community to customize Win XP. I know this is an aqua forum, but i only want to share with you my work and i don't have a lot of time to skin my apps.

Thanks bzeitler to help me for the aqua skin.

May be you can tell me what you like in the futur for @zNotes ...

LeFOOL : Born to be FOOL ...

PS : i have a release of @zScreen, but it is skined for another time in Aero look ... What do you want i do ? Post it in Aqua Soft ?

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Charnoke : Your problem is very strange. I use a PIII 1GHz and i never have an excess CPU usage with @zNotes except when i wrote a Note (20-30% CPU usage when wroting). But i know, if a note is big, the editor become slower.

Normally, when @zNotes is inactive, it don't have to use CPU. In my computer, it stay at 0% CPU usage when it is iddle.

Thanks for report.

LeFOOL : Born to be FOOL ...

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Hi Everybody ...

As i said, as i do !!!

This is the release V1.0 of @zNotes with some improvements and bug correction :

- CPU Usage when iddle bug fixed.

- Config dialog with skin choosing.

- New kinds of Order Mode : Cascade, Vertical Mosaic and Horizontal Mosaic with parameters in Config dialog.

- Functions to show/hide/send to back runing well

For the next release :

- Alarm for each note.

- New calendar note.

- New clock note

- new calculator note

- new photo album note

And may be more if you give me some good ideas ;-)

LeFOOL : Born to be FOOL ...


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Originally posted by nightcrawler1089@Sep 19 2004, 09:48 PM

Very nice!

One suggestion- a "locking note." Have an option to lock the note, so it doesn't go into editing mode on mouseover.

Other than that, very nice!



i agree, the ability to lock it would be an excellent addition :)

maybe i also suggest another? "word wrapping"

this isn't by any means an important one, but it is convinient.

i've been looking for a post it program for a very long time, but this is the only decent one out there.

amazing stuff, keep it up!

and thanks for sharing :)

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So... I was rigth after all... :6 :P good, because now i would be able to use to @zNotes.

Now I just download the 1.0 version... I hope this one will bring the notes i want to put on my desktop... :rock:

Keep working ... indeed very nice app

One suggestion, what about some sort of "speaking" note to tell you about it when there is some event... it could be done with the clock... i think :woot:

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