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[release]snow & Coal Sofa Themes For Avetunes.


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2 Themes added

hi, everyone.

release Snow & Coal sofa themes for AveTunes.

release Crystal Original & Metal sofa themes for AveTunes.

this release is under permission by cube3 & cédric ménard.

i appreciate to cube3, cédric for giving me permission.



Coal & Snow sofa themes made by Duncan Millar (cube3)


Crystal Original & Metal themes made by cédric ménard.

Copyright 2004 Cedric Menard with Sofa design and themes.


I appreciated for your help!



YOU DO NOT unapproved distribution including Secondary distribution without Duncan Millar (cube3), cédric ménard and my permission.

when unapproved distribution etc is found, public presentation is stop and I never release. NOTHING.

this is an important promise.

under relationships with authors.



Snow & Coal sofa themes for AveTunes Preview & Download @ DA

Crystal Original & Metal sofa themes for Avetunes Preview & Download @ DA

enjoy sofa themes and your music life.

no music no life.

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I have no information showing up on it just the music HELP?! :(

Like the song title and all the other stuff is gone..its just blank

do i need a certain font to see?

umm, it's strange.

maybe you have not installed two kinds of fonts.

"LucidaGrande"&"Lucida Grande"

(these fonts are not the same. different things)

i specified "LucidaGrande"&"Lucida Grande"

do ya have these fonts?

these fonts are packed in many cases by visualstyle of the released aqua family.

umm, beats me.

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