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[release] Itunes Docklet


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hm. i am using the latest, but i don't see any playlist options. it's itunes 4.7, using mplugin for 4.7, and objectdock 1.04 (i hate 1.05)
By any chance, is your iTunes localized to a far east character set?

So that 'Library' in iTunes is in simplified chinese?

The entire docklet is ANSI at the moment.


The "tralala" will get off, of course. The image settings will wander off to another sheet therefore I introduced property sheets here, and of course because of AveDesk.

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today i went in this forum and downloaded the itunes pack. it's 88 kbl size on disk and 85.5 size. that's the only way i can clarify that it's the correct version. and i don't know what far east character set is? it's all in english as far as i know.

i did all that you said, itunes is running, i resetted my entire computer just to make sure. one minuete a go i downloaded and installed again.

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Right clicking on the itunes46.dll in explorer and selecting properties, you should see a version tab. Here, Version number should be, special build should be

Previous versions didn't have a version tab at all.

Sorry you put "Hong Kong" as location under your avatar and I thought it could be problematic if your iTunes was all in chinese. There's no problem with that, I just confirmed it by renaming my library to sth japanese copied from a website.

I think you should search and destroy all files named iTunes46.dll from your computer and unzip the download again, just to make sure that you don't have two of them.

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hey, i regesterd because i wanted to download this so bad. i had the docklet for systats but compared to this one it sucks. just an idea, maybe making it so you can select a song from the library when u right click, so it would be right click/library/"playlist name"/"song name", that would be cool. otherwise it works great. thx for the awsome docklet.

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Thanks man, welcome to A-S and enjoy your stay.

I actually thought of the same feature but I don't think it will work:

populating a tree of thousands of menu items would take too long, building the list on demand would be too sluggish. Also, a playlist of more than 50 songs in it would be plain unusable, since menus that don't fit on the screen are as sluggish as a crowded start menu.

However, I'll look deeper into party shuffle so that you can skip up to 15 tracks or reshuffle by context menu - this would be fast enough.

An alternative would be to have Artist/Album/Track selections headed by "Play only this Artist" and "Play only this album" with the artists grouped to "Abba - Deep P...", "Dire Str... - Meta..." and so forth. Or a grouping by genre. This would require a lengthy roundtip across the entire database, so it would be triggered manually like a HD defragmentation...

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hey herd, per your first page post, i'm not gonna ask for a winamp version, or anything like that. but how's about a y'z dock version? the one at dockex sux!

[roger rabbit]p-p-p-please???[/roger rabbit]

Awww, shmengie, you got me there.

It'll come up together with the vuMeter docklet - I'm preparing a relaunch

of the final versions at dockex (with an inobtrusive paypal button hidden in the about box) gimme ten more days...

[font name=maroon-cartoon]that's all folks

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