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[release] Itunes Docklet


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Final update for prerelease beta:

  • Hide / Unhide text reflects now hidden state.
  • n denotes newline wildcard for AveDesk users.
  • Switch to Miniplayer as in tray menu (I hear no protest).
  • Should work now with iTunes plugins that change iTunes window caption.


edit: attachement removed: scroll down for download.

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There doesn't seem to be a general shuffle setting across all of iTunes - the shuffle always selects to shuffle from the current playlist you are in. If your playlist is random anyway, you'll be either randomly picking or playing in your randomized creation order. Maybe you'll have to open your library and double click a track there to switch the playlist.

Also, if you selected album shuffle in iTunes settings, it'll randomly pick an album, but hitting next will go to the next track until the entire album is done.

If you check the mark at shuffle or repeat and it hasn't changed the next time you open the menu, chances are you are not running iTunes, which this docklet is coded against. Open the iTunes window and see if the second and third button from bottom changes color, when you click at the docklet.

Hide/Unhide may be a bit clumsy, especially if you have more than one iTunes window open or a plugin with title modification running.

If there isn't anything left, I'd go for the YZ-Dock port and the release at Dockex.



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Another small update:

  • Precaution against unintended reloading of iTunes fixed. If you are running this in both ObjectDock and AveDesk, closing it from one of these instances would stop and restart iTunes depending on your luck. Now multiple instances shield each other.
  • Now displays internet radio stream titles, if given.


download iTunes46 docklet

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It's much better to resurrect old threads, than starting new ones.

And the "similar threads" section at the end of the page, doesn't give a hint about how old a thread is.

As for the reason for the resurrection well... that's questionable (ok, shoot him!) :P

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mmm... Can you make the Hide option more compatible with iTunes 4.7? When using iTunes hide in tray option, the dockelt, when clicked while iTunes is running, makes it appear as it should, but you cannot minimize it again via iTunes. You have to use the hide option to make it work normally again.

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I'll yet have to download and install iTunes 4.7 - seems like 4.6 was just yesterday - I'll see to it. Also, as has been requested, this thing will optionally hide itself on AveDesk if iTunes is not running.


Sorry - I'll stand to it: this year.

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Great docklet! But I do have one request. Could you add a menu that either plays the library, the party shuffle, or any playlists that you might have? I would love to right-click the docklet and select party shuffle as opposed to loading the actual iTunes window to do it!

Many thanks for the good docklet and the improvements to come!

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Small update:

@gnomexp - it has been implemented - Playlists. Redownload.

@nightcrawler - sorry I can't fix the minimize to tray problem atm. iTunes 4.7 seems to remember if it has been restored from the tray and does not react if it still thinks it should be there - the only way to get it back working is restoring it twice from its tray icon. I have no idea how to send mouse clicks onto its tray icon, if someone tells me how to do that, I will add it.

Things that are still open:

  • YZ version
  • AD awareness
  • graying Repeat and Shuffle menu items when in party shuffle mode
  • skipping empty lists
  • option to tweak more actions on left click, e.g. "do nothing" "hide/unhide" "minimize/restore" "miniplayer/window/hide"
  • Show custom radio icon for streams

If I forgot something, feel free to add them here.

PS: This thing is compiled against 4.7 - if you have troubles switching the shuffle / repeat modes, its very likely that you are running 4.5 or 4.6 - blame Apple on that one.

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one lil suggestions to make it perfect (to me :P )

Attention effect when u start iTunes/focus it (like normak dock icons/docklets) :D

You named it, you got it. :D

Additional features:

  • Better AveDesk intergration - property paged.
  • Attention effect on ObjectDock
  • Grays Repeat and Shuffle menus on 4.7 if inside "party shuffle"
  • Provides default radio icon on internet streams - see readme
  • Version is counting

Still missing:

  • YZ-Dock version
  • Empty list skip
  • Leftclick options

Enjoy! (Download location see iTunes46 at my sig or scroll up)

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