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[release] Itunes Docklet


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I know there are several iTunes docklets but none seems to emulate the way iTunes works in the OSX dock. What i had in mind is this. The menu would feature all the options from the right click menu in tray icon + an "Open iTunes" field that would open/bring iTunes on top, when clicked. The menu would pop up either on left click or on right click (in this case, a right click on the docklet would bring iTunes on top/open it).

Anyone willing to take a shot at this?



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I like this idea. My feature request: ability to specify different iTunes location than c:\program files blah blah. It's really annoying with the current version of this desklet: it sits in my dock and controls the app, but I have to open iTunes thru start menu :wacko: Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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Thanks, Stevie.

I wanted to ask the following to Mac owners with a recent version of iTunes running:

  • Is the menu shot Unbeliever has posted 100 % accurate?
  • Is this (read 1st post carefully) really how iTunes behaves in a Panther dock?
  • Does iTunes react as stated on a right click in Aqua? Is a right click available at all?
  • iTunes shuffles per Album and per Track. What does the 'shuffle' menu do? Shuffle according to the iTunes setting?

Won't start coding until I have a complete feature list. (not wishful thinking) Yes I'm being anal but we happen to be Aqua-Soft here; beware of Duckie crossing.

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1. i took a screenie of it from OSX


2. update:

ji eun: there are two ways to bring up the menu in os x

ji eun: 1) ctrl+click / right-click

ji eun: 2) click and hold for a second or two and the menu pops up

(big thanks to Ji ;) )

3. right click is aviable in OSX for 3rd party mice or command+click with one button mouse. i`m not sure if normal or right click bring up the menu though

4. i think so :)

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Now thats more like it - I start coding.

And I assume that the rating submenu expands to:

[not rated]






however the stars are the same pentagrams as in iTunes for win...

What does show in Finder do, btw?

n/m I assume it's meant to show the now playing track in explorer...

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ji eun: it opens the Finder to the 'applications' window and the itunes, or whatever other app you chose from the dock is selected / higlighted in the finder window

ji eun: also, notice when you ctrl+click the dock icon, it doesn't become more transparent, it just dims

more info from Ji :)

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Alright, lets see what we've got so far:

The attached ObjectDock docklet does about what was requested.

Because of its speed-hack nature, it'll require special attending:

There is no assignation of its icon atm, so open your CurrentTheme.ini and add

something like that:




Title=iTunes 4.6 - Depeche Mode: Strangelove (Maxi Mix)


In your case, just the Image line is important, all others might differ.

Browse the forums for a decent icon.

I know the rating stars are not yet accurate; as soon as I get the hang of owner drawn context menus, I'll add them together with skinning and localization.

So far, I'd like someone owning both a PC with ObjectDock and a Mac verify what usage parts are accurate and what not.


Oh and it doesn't work with iTunes before 4.5.

[edit] removed buggy version download - see below [/edit]

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works good but here comes a bug report ;)

1. CPU usage for DO jumps to 35-65%

2. If u set up an icon and drag it, it goes semi transp and won`t go back to the dock. CPU usage jumps and u have to kill the dock in taskbar

3. clicking "Show in Finder" will reset ur song rating to "none". (i think it would be great if "Show in Finder" would open a folder and point to the mp3/aac file :) )

4. Quit doesn`t close iTunes, it resets the song ratings to "none"

5. Hide does the same thing as Quit

few things i don`t know what they do

1. Show in Finder - it doesn nothing when i click it

PS it`s fast and slick herd ^_^

Also nice touch with maximizing/minimizing iTunes with clicking on the dock icon :D

i`m on MSN if u need any details about this :)

Thanks friend :)

PPS i know i might be pushing it but is there any chance of an arrow pointing down like in the real iTunes in OSX dock? ^_^ (Sorry :P )

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Yes it does. I have iTunes and Objectdock free 1.04 build 471. I just checked and it turned out that your docklet doesn't like localhost's Mplugin :(

Now most of the stuff works, one last request from me: option to specify iTunes executable :)

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Originally posted by Unbeliever+Sep 15 2004, 12:48 AM-->
QUOTE(Unbeliever @ Sep 15 2004, 12:48 AM)
more bugs :(

1. iTunes won`t start when docklet is clicked. It only maximizes it when it`s allready running.

2. The title/artist of the last played song remain in docklet's title even if iTunes is not running.


1. fixed - don't want to start iTunes on an accidental click (Takes 10 seconds at my PC), so starting equals checking first menu item.

2. fixed. now you have an ugly N/A: N/A instead. :6

Previous: Quit and Hide do work, Show in Finder postponed. Subclassing the docklet window wasn't really a good idea. It's now draggable again.

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Originally posted by Pe8er@Sep 15 2004, 01:57 AM

Brilliant! Everything is working now :D Thanks a lot herd ^_^ You want me to change this thread to [release]?


Sure, make it a release. (Global moderating - better than ...)

I'll detach the premature versions.

I have a little addendum:

It's impossible to provide an accurate indicator since the indicator remains the same size when zoomed without patching ObjectDock into further dangers. I hope Jeff picks this up and provides a DockletSetIndicator(HWND, BOOL) API on upcoming versions.

Still to do:

- Rating Stars

- Skinning & Font

- Settings dialog

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more bugs >.<

when u start a song in iTunes, then few songs pass, u pause iTunes from the docklet, and then choose play in the docklet, it won`t continue to play the song u paused, it`s going to start playing the song that was 1st played.

sometimes after closing iTunes via docklet, the dock will freeze (had this happening twice)


How about an .ini file where users could specify the docklet title (for example set it just to display "iTunes" instead od "iTunes 4.6 - Artist: Song"), icon and maybe an option to start iTunes on left click on the docklet instead of right click>open iTunes?

and u allready acknowledged the ratings images prob.

Sorry for bugging u like this herd. If i`m over the line just slap me on MSN :P

Thanks for ur hard work friend :)

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