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[preview] Controverse Edition 2004


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Hello everybody :)

For those who already knew me I just say: Hey, here's the fourth version of my website.

And for the rest: I had three websites before the new one :lol:

Well, I thought I release a small preview of the alpha, so that you can comment it. (Because I need some suggestions about "What can I make better" or "What shouldn't I do" or something like that. Please give comments, it's necessary for me.

Thanks in advance and thanks for your attention. B)


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Agree with liquidplasma.

The shadows are too distracting- either eliminate them or lower the opacity.

Also, lower the opacity of the white bar that's right below all the text, and right above the white line- also too "out there." Or, make it a gradient. I prefer lowered opacity.

The black square that's around everything is a bit too dark- maybe change the color a little bit.

Other than that, it's pretty nice! Just play around with the colors a bit, basically.


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