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Open Objectdock in Reshacker

Choose the 'Bitmap' class of objects

What is needed to know:

129 is the separator

130 is the separator mask

131 is the dock bacground

132 is the dock bacground mask

If you want to chose the transparency, export the dock background mask and open it in an image editor. Increasing the brightness, the dock becames opaque; decreasing the brightness (darking) the dock becames transparent. Black 100% means full transparent (invisible); white 100% means full opaque. Obviously, you need replace the bitmap (132 in our case) with the modifyed one.

If you want to chose other background texture, attention! the bitmap resource is only a vertical narrow bar that's is broad on the dock width. Cannot have others, but uniform or horizontal stripped textures. This resource is 131. Export this resource, open in an image editor (Photoshop is the best), drag a new layer from other dock texture (e. g. from Y'z Dock), edit the margins, merge the layers, save it and reimport with Reshack in OD.exe. I hope to be so specific. Be cautious!

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