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spirit Winamp Skin

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I'm in awe. :blink:

I think the white (glass) one it the pretiest,

but also the most difficult one to we.

For instance, at first I thought it didn't work,

till I switched my desktop from a white (...)

to a colered one.. W O W ! That sure is pretty.

Would it be possible to create

a more matching media-library style?



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Originally posted by ntchemist938@Sep 3 2004, 08:58 PM

Stefanka, any way of making this a WSZ file  instead of a WAL file in order to make it work w/ Windows Media Player.... Thanks in advance


Rename it to WSZ (WAL and WSZ is the same, both are ZIP Archives)

You can extract the files with every packer with zip support.

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but please please please make a matching media library and playlist window. i know they cant blend, but atleast make them roundish and colored like the player. *fingers crossed*

yeah..love the skin..but matching pl and lib windows would make it perfect.

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