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[ann] Samurize Import/export Tool


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Here it is! This tool should make sharing your Samurize config file sets with other people a LOT easier. Big thanks to the VIPs and Crew for giving this a thorough going-over :)

EDIT: Updated Import/Export Tool; it is now included with the Serious Samurize v1.60 installer.



Unzip the zip file to your Samurize directory.

What it is for


The Import/Export Tool takes a bunch of config files and all the files used by the config files (scripts,

plugins, icons, graphics etc.) and packs them up into a Samurize Package File (.sam). You can then share

this file with other people and they can get your config up and running with minimal effort on their

behalf; all they have to do is double-click on the .sam file and import it and they're set.

Please note that this tool is still being developed; I cannot guarantee that it will work 100% correctly.

It was, however, tested quite rigorously by the VIPs (thanks guys ;)) and all issues that were discovered

were resolved/fixed.

What it does


* Exporting:


+ includes all files related to the config file(s) selected. All files placed in subfolders of your

* Samurize dir are left relative; other files are moved to "appropriate" subfolders of the Samurize

* folder (eg. tray icons go to Samurizeicons, images go to Samurizeskins[suitename])

+ lets you add a readme file to the package, which is displayed to the user on import

+ lets you add custom files for things like Weather Icon sets etc.

+ attempts to strip perfmon paths to their English equivalents

+ removes POP3/WMI meter login info

+ the end result is a .sam file (basically a specially formatted zip file), hereby known as a

* Samurize Package File.



+ extracts the .sam file to your Samurize dir, preserving paths; everything should end up in the right place

+ attempts to translate perfmon paths back to their local equivalents

+ if network cards for the Network Interface perfmon are not found, they are replaced with the first Network

* Card that would appear in the Network Card dropdown list for the Total Up/Down meter.

+ checks WMI meters; if they are invalid, the tool displays the WMI selection window for user correction.

+ there is a test mode to prevent you overwriting your original configs when you want to test a .sam file

+ you can associate .sam files with the tool so that they automatically load up ready for importing when

* double-clicked

*Other Notes:


+ The tool uses the C:Documents and Settings[user name]Application DataExportTool[suite name] as a

* working directory for temporary files; a good way to check if files are being placed in the right place

* (or included at all) is to check out the contents of this directory when the popup to save the .sam file

* appears.

+ The files UnzDll.dll and ZipDll.dll are required for building the .sam files. They should be ok left in

* the same folder as the Import/Export Tool, but if you get errors, stick them in your Windowssystem32 dir.

Adding custom files


Sorry, this is still a bit unpolished; basically you add the path to the file(s) you want included in the

Source (left) column (wildcards supported) and the subdirectory of the Samurize dir to include the files in

the Target (right) column.

eg. say you want to include all the files in your C:utils folder, and put them in the Samurizeutils folder

on import, use:



and Target:


*What it doesn't yet do (limitations):


- allowing input of POP3 meter details on import

- fixing Total Up/Down meters on import by guessing the correct card/allowing user selection

- allow choosing of network card for Network Interface instead of using the default first one

- RAS Port perfmon translation

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