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Official Gmail Invite Thread


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i wud use aim mail.. but i have no use.

i like gmail. thank goodness they made it.

simple and easy.

now im hating hotmail. Does it seem to anyone else that hotmail is kinda slow with its whole layout? idk, too much html. im not sure, i just dont like the layout of hotmail.

yahoo, my first email, so i cant bash it.

gave my first gmail invite to a friend. heh.

havnt gotten emails, so im not sure if my gmail widget is working..

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Good idea.

Btw, to keep your email addresses safer, consider using the format petergaultney(at)gmail(dot)com, or something similar, so that automated spam crawlers can't pick them up and start sending you wonderful amounts of spam.

I'm pretty sure that 100 invites will cover it, but in case it doesn't, I've got plenty too. =)


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