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[request] Best Rendering

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Originally posted by dede@Aug 30 2004, 08:23 AM

hi all,

wich is the best software for rendering? I need a good light effect for some projects...can someone help me?

Thanks in advance ;)


The best renderer in the world is Arnold. Get the mArny plug-in for Maya. RenderMan is also good but it is EXTREMELY complicated even with RAT (renderman artist tools) and takes a lot of coding knowledge to use successfully. Unless you are advanced, just stay away from both of those. But you asked for the best, so that's the answer. Now, if you are at a more basic level, I would agree with the Cinema 4D recommendation or something similar. Even Bryce, although I have not used that one. If you're just starting out, MAX is probably too much for you, too. It's really nearly as complicated as Maya now. Start with an easy program and work your way through it. Then you'll be ready for more ambitious programs, i.e. "the best software for rendering."

good luck

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