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[release]iconbook Longhorn Skin

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Guest Pedros

Thank you Steff, I'm very tired with the weather.... The skin is really great! I'm very impressed with it and it remainds me the great interface of SimCity 4 game. It would be very great to have VS for XP with all those's transparency and shadows.... Echhh... ;)

And I got one mention: when window is rolled up the right side looks bad, is this possible to fix it up?

Ave if you have time please reply me how to fix problem with caption coz' it's really "frustrating" to have icons above title... :cry:

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Guest Pedros

@AndreasV: I've used Desktop Icon but it was on the top of the AveIconBook and sometimes "blinking" up when I'm moving window (especially iTunes). Now I've switched up the style for "Always On Bottom", but the consciousness that I don't have icons but always on bottom thingies are bad ;)

And I have also 2 ideas for AveIconBook which I have to write now coz' I'll forget! :) 1.Possibility to convert icons like in IconConverter desklet, but in AveIconBook (rightclick on icon->convert and it does) and 2.possibility for adding/removing icons, adding "albums" that will be really good.

@Steff: Is there are any your skins like this for AvePreview? If not please make it, oh man I spend half hour sitting over AveIconBook now! Beautiful! :P

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Originally posted by dk[DAnCE]@Aug 28 2004, 06:46 PM

Looking niiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeee :)

Could you make a Version with a glossy black Bar instead of the plain black ?

That would be really cool  ;)


Except that Longhorn doesnt have a glossy look...

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Originally posted by ntchemist938@Aug 29 2004, 01:58 AM

Stef, if you were to make a visual or WB skin it would be the ultimate skin... I hope you consider it or have time... Thanks for sharing.


Only problem is you cant have trasparency in vs/wb skins :( Yet....

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Originally posted by mntnbkr1065@Aug 29 2004, 09:48 AM

hey bzeitler, is ur screen really 1024 x 768???

by the way this was totaly off topic, im just a curioius dude ;)


ah yes it is.... :) It is a 15 inch flatscreen and I got it cause of my computers location. (this was before I found aquasoft and began doing lots of graphical work.) Someday ill get something bigger. ack....

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