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[release]iconbook Longhorn Skin

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Originally posted by SpaceKiD@Aug 28 2004, 06:58 PM

Ich glaube er meint die icons :D


Exactly !

Also wie siehts aus,nur ne Spielerei oder planst Du die irgendwann zu veröffentlichen ? Und wo wir schonmal dabei sind....was ist das oben rechts in der Ecke ?

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Guest Pedros

Hey Stef, I gotta problem right now with your skin. When rightclick on Longhorn~ in app, everything changes into white rectangles, are mixed up and only sliders is visible. Computer doesn't working on anything, but app is being not useable. Please help coz' it's very beautiful skin I see.



2nd thingie: Hey Ave! The caption bar of your app is UNDER my AveDesk desklets! Any ideas? :blink:

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