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Finderbar Add-on For Windows Taskbar

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2 Master20Gig & Flarex

Excuse, guys, but I do not understand, what you have made and what you yet have not made? At installation Finderbar speaks as to receive the new panel on taskbar. You have made it? You see Finderbars menu on the taskbar? If is not present, you should make right click on an empty place of taskbar, choose in the menu " Toolbars... ", then " New toolbar ", in the new window manually to write "about:Finderbar" and press OK. Finderbar will appear on taskbar, but in a wrong place, drag'n'drop to button " Start " (Apple). If Finderbar is seen on the screen and if Engine already works in memory -- all together should function.

And certainly you should have the Internet Explorer with support DHTML. If yours IE is old version -- no menus will be visible. Version 6 is high recommended.

Please, tell in detail how you install the program. Probably, I can help you. :)

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hey im the ****est **** in things like this

i would like to know what im doin wrong


how do i take the "Finder" word out and whats "Erstelle Archives" ;o

2nd im always gettin this error when i click on anything like File > New folder



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// Seph

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Wow, sorry, guys, I have put a bookmark on third page of thread and I look through her every day, I wait for new messages, and you already on the fourth page! Probably, I'm a little idiot. Excuse. :)

2 Zenko:

Strange beeps are possible, at me too they were, look the sound scheme of the computer and off a similar sound, that it " opening of a new window " or " start of the program ". Or change this beep on less opposite. I do not know, why it occurs.

2 jsuen:

Yes, Finderbar not support XP SP2, in the new version it will be fixed. I'll upload new version in 2-3 days.

2 eloquent:

It means, that at you has not started the hidden service window, probably, it has been killed by pop-up blocker. The words " Erstelle Archives " has remained from my computer, it WinRAR, this words should disappear itself if Finderbar works correctly. But without the service hidden window it cannot work, the menu sends commands in a nonexistent window, therefore you receive the message on a error. Check up in the list of processes, whether there is a process iexplore.exe -- is the service hidden window. It should be. You can clean a word "Finder", having switched off " display of toolbars title ".

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To my regret, last version is not 100% compatible with SP2. Even if I off pop-ups blocking, not always work it. Besides, it reduces safety.

Therefore I began completely new version Finderbar without pop-ups and without javascript. The menu will be drawn with help Finderbars_Engine. It will make the menu completely "msstyles" compatible, but, probably, not such beautiful. However, always it is possible to decorate the menu with help WindowBlinds... :)

Please wait a little, the new version will be soon. Thanks.

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