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Finderbar Add-on For Windows Taskbar

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Mk, I did what you said but no png's are showing up in the Finderbar folder

I used AU3_Spy and clicked on the finderbar when it was loaded and it said that the visible images were background.png and background_pressed.png.

I did a whole search on my computer but they're nowhere :(

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If you delete them Finderbar will create ne ones at start. Your taskbar must look loke you want it to look like before you start finderbar.

Finderbar creates the background from your taskbar and the findertexts.

Or you edit the background.png with a paintprogramm afterwards.

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Hey, I want to be able to use any background because it seems that the text is transparent and the Titler and the menus aren't aligned which is annoying.

Using WindowBlinds (Taskbar not transparent), Vista Ultimate.

Other than that, it works great!



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Does anyone know how i can add a little extra space Between the Apple Start Button and the Finder Menu, I tried adding a empty blank menu but it messes up the other menus somehow, mabe change something in the ini file?


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So, I just changed the font that way. Maybe you should reinstall.

I added th part of my finderbar.ini:












I hope I mustn´t say that you have to have the font installed...

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