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Finderbar Add-on For Windows Taskbar

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In addition: FinderBar on a laptop with WindowsME in style Mac OS 7 (my home PC)

[Picture deleted by Landvermesser]

From the menu (Special/Shut Down...) it is already possible to switch off quickly a computer without this awful dialogue " Are you sure?! "

But it only with " run Protocol Handler " http://www.blackbit.net/freeware/

Somebody has already install this bar? I search beta-testers.

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I have received the strange Email from my hosting:

Dear Customer,

Your account finderbar has been suspended due to too high bandwidth usage - you have reached the bandwidth limit of your hosting plan.

Your plan allows you to use: 1000.00 MB per month.

Your account already used: 6692481187840.00 MB this month.

Your account will be automaticly activated at the beginning of the next month. If you need more traffic you can order it from your Control Panel, 'Upgrade Services' menu.

Best Regards,

100WebSpace Staff

Similarly, someone download all Internet from my site. :D

Who can offer me really good place for a hosting? The project develops further, I have added a blinking of options of the menu at operation and special symbols of the Mac.

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Originally posted by ivari@Sep 3 2004, 04:10 AM

the link???


well i think it's matter of respect for everybody to ask for a working link making a complete sentence isn't it???

I hate people complaining with this kind of replies... :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:

this is the 4th reply about non working link I think everybody understood that the link is not working... or maybe they are too stupid (we can't do anything for them).

Keep the forum clean, and if you realy wanted to be constructive you should have ask this:

Is it possible to have a miror link because this one is not working??


[for moderators]sorry i am angry :P

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