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[release] Launcher

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new release... it includes more skin support and a skinning utility program... enjoy

austin: im not sure what your problems are with Launcher 2.. no one else has said that it dissapears. Launcher does hide itself when you click on something else... make sure you read through the getting started on the site. see if that helps any

i dont really remember if you can define a hotkey in launcher 1... and i dont really plan on developing launcher 1 anymore. its just not nearly as advanced as launcher 2.

does anyone else think i should enhance launcher 1 any?

back to the new release, play around with the skinning utility, the font size is a bit off sometimes, im not sure why its doing it but its close. also its probably better that you do tile for the list background images, stretching doesnt work quite right. it becomes transparent as it stretches more and more to the right.

anyways, enjoy like always.

Yes,yes,yes I loved launcher 1 I like it coming from the side please updat it a little not to much.

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what would you like updated in launcher 1? i do plan on implementing a scripting type engine so you can create your own transitions, so you could set a skin to come in from the side... so that option will be in launcher 2 (eventually).

and if i do decide to improve launcher 1, ill probably start from scratch (or mostly from scratch)... i have learned to much since i started that, and can probably make better use of resources, objects, etc...

i didnt know that launcher was not always on top... are you talking about the list, or the active item portion? interesting no one has spotted this one before...

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No, this is not just a bump to the thread... Launcher is a live and well again... i have started it from scratch after learning so much about VB.net the last time around... so just image what new things i have planned for this one after going from 1.0 to 2.0! ok, so i dont have anything planned yet, just a kick ass launcher, thats the only think im aiming for... and so far, so good.

here is a preview of the skinning ability, and the visual aspects of the program... you can now attach the program to any side of the primary screen, and a lot less ini (in fact no ini, converted to xml) editing required to change preferences of Launcher...

so here is... Launcher 2.1

for the time being, ill attach a file ( to see how many people are trying it out ).. eventualy it will be a static link to the lastest download.

enjoy, and please post results...

Launcher 2.1.zip

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Hi there, and yes it's the 2.1 version above. Here is what i see fresh out of the box so -to-speak, the white base bar at the top of you screen then the lower section that will hold the list. Now, when i go to just simply scroll the "empty" list using the scroller moving down from top, the lines all start to blend together like a venetian blind would do in your home.

I tried it on all 4 sides, now mind you, im not rushing the scroller fast or anything like that, even slow scrolling the graphical lines seem to be bunching up for some reason. They eventually fall back in line but scrolling thru that list up and down it's pretty obvious.

Hope that helps give you some indication anyway what it does on my box, XP Pro. I wonder if any of you other peeps could try it out and see what your results are.


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have a screenshot?

and here is the next preview... this one includes searching...

it can be order sensative (string typed must appear exactly as label shows), PS will not work for photoshop (for example) with it enabled, but will work if disabled.

and some other small fixes.. not sure still about the problem posted above... once i get a screenie, maybe ill know better what they are talking about, but i cant get mine to malfunction here...

like always, PLEASE post feedback... the more you leave, the more i can fix or make better!

p.s. college is starting in a week.. so any development of this is probably going to stop again around then at least for a little while. bummer...

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