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[release] Launcher

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yet another release with a bug fixes that i have come across... no one has reported any bugs... come on now, help out if your going to use it please!

i recoded a few things that were creating problems (or were just coded poorly).

check the site for release history (soon i hope)

also i did a quick skin (just a preview, to prove that it would work)


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wow i got this error when starting launcher:


Launcher.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services


Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.

Process id=0x7f4 (2036), Thread id=0xfe4 (4068).

Click OK to terminate the application.

Click CANCEL to debug the application.


OK Cancel


framework 1.1 and 2.0 are installed. Objectdock is running.

any ideas on that ?

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is this your first time trying launcher 2? this may be caused by a bad explaination by me... try to get the latest download again (i didnt include the dll, images, or config file). i forgot to mention that the latest was just an update (but now its a full download).

so try again and let me know if that helps any..

was there any more information provided with the error? im not exactly sure how exceptions are handled with machines that do not have vb.net installed, but when i get an exception, it spits out a lot of lines where errors have occured...


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hrm well i just found this program but im having problems :l i can load the app fine, add programs to it fine .. but I can't use it! :l I have it in c:downloadsluancher ... when i double click launcher.exe it loads, and I can see it, but when I minimize the folder its in, the whole app disappears :( see the picture provided ..


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based on what you have typed vip:

the app is suppose to disspear when it no longer has focus. to show it, you press the hot key combination you can define (defaults to alt+space).. try that and see if it comes into view.

did i seriously add the skinned left and right images to the last download? what the hell am i doing... its fixed now for those of you who have the "weird" version... oops.

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wow, a successful day of improvements including:

a change to how you resize the app, or rather how i coded it... it will not resize in real-time, rather when you let go of the click of the mouse, it will resize then... both for improved performance, and enhancements that will be mentioned later

the main area of the app was lacking customizability of where things can layout.. well now you have a lot more power of that. you can tell it where you want the icon, both horizontally and vertically, and size of the icon.

the spacing between the icon and the label can how be specified. not sure how helpfull this is now, but eventually when you can define the exact drawing location of the label, this will be taken out probably.

you can specify the inset size of the list (evenly from each size), if you dont understand what this is, mess around with it in the xml, youll see

all the above mentioned things are not integrated into the settings tabs yet, you have to manually change then in the xml file.

also, if you are updating Launcher, please overwrite the xml file with the latest one and apply your changes (items) to it. otherwise things will not look right without the newest settings.

the thing that inspired these enhancements was a new skin that looks like spotlight, or more specifically, quicksilver. im not sure if i can release it, so here is a screenshot


there are some other changes made (eventually ill get to making a revision history file that is packaged with releases)... maybe

follow the link in my sig or visit the website (as usual)


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@dot1901: to make the list appear, just start typing and it should appear. there is a known bug that when the hot key is pressed you have to type a few keys before it recognizes it, this bug is on the top of the list for fixes.

you cannot move the box along the y axix. there are 2 layouts right now (1) is top of the screen (2) is bottom of the screen. eventually you will be able to move it anywhere on the screen

im also aware of the scroll bar not moving when you scroll. its because the list is not a standard control provided by windows (to get the icon and more customizing ability, i had to make my own. i hope to figure this out eventually.

@ren: what? pinned to? huh?

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the last few days i have been working on a skining utility for Launcher... expect the first release of it along with an updated skining engine with launcher within a few days...

hopefully this will spark some interest with the skinners out there to come up with some cool designs.

also, thanks to all of you who have downloaded Launcher 2! 380 downloads within a week! i didnt think that there were that many people who had looked at it. it makes it all worth it!

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sorry but lamentably your first release was so much better, since launcer 2 doesn't work at all for me and i have .NET 1.1 and all, so it's not that my applications never come up, the hot key never works for me and after 10 or so seconds as I press the hotkey Launcher is gone and needs to be run agauin, and PLEASE update launcher 1 that was the best for me it was small and kept itself hidden, just the hotkey I really need to know how to assing it a hotkey since it also has the similar problem as launcher 2 it disapperas nver to come back and needs to be restarted

THE BIG QUESTION: how do you assign a hotkey to Launcher 1, and how to make Launcher2's hotkey work

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new release... it includes more skin support and a skinning utility program... enjoy

austin: im not sure what your problems are with Launcher 2.. no one else has said that it dissapears. Launcher does hide itself when you click on something else... make sure you read through the getting started on the site. see if that helps any

i dont really remember if you can define a hotkey in launcher 1... and i dont really plan on developing launcher 1 anymore. its just not nearly as advanced as launcher 2.

does anyone else think i should enhance launcher 1 any?

back to the new release, play around with the skinning utility, the font size is a bit off sometimes, im not sure why its doing it but its close. also its probably better that you do tile for the list background images, stretching doesnt work quite right. it becomes transparent as it stretches more and more to the right.

anyways, enjoy like always.

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