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Turn Off File Protection In Sp2

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This was the procedure in sp1

First, we need to turn off windows file protection (an almost impossible thing to do). Microsoft’s way of protecting us from ourselves and there answer to dll hell. I knew that there was a registry hack to disable it.

(HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon)

Value: SFCDisable


Value: 0 = enabled (default), ffffff9d = disabled

Thank you, whoever you are at the “microsoft.public.windowsxp.general News group.” However I quickly found out that this only works on Win2k Pre SP3. Now, what do I do? I went back to the newsgroups. I found an obscure article on the OverClockersClub.com website. “How to disable the System File Checker in Windows XP, March 4th, 2002.” I tried it on Win2k and low and behold it worked. Here are the main points.

Windows XP No Service Pack:

Backup the (Win2k = sfc.dll) SFC OS.DLL in the (Win2k = winnt\system32)\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. Make another copy of (sfc.dll) SFC OS.DLL call it (sfc1.dll)SFC OS1.DLL and open with a hex editor... Go to offset 0000E2B8 (0E2B8h) you should see the values “8B” and “C6”.

Windows XP Service Pack 1:

At offset 0000E3BB (0E3BBh) you should find the values “8B” and “C6”.

Don’t do anything if you can’t find these values. (When I looked in the sfc.dll file in Win2k the 8B C6 values where there).

Change “8B C6” to read “90 90” and save.

Now on my computer I just rebooted into Linux and copied files, which solved the problem of replacing files in use, but the article on overclockers.com said this. I quote:

"Run these commands to update the system files:

Copy c:\windows\system32\sfc os1.dll c:\windows\system32\sfc OS.dll /y

Copy c:\windows\system32\sfc os1.dll c:\windows\system32\dllcache\sfc OS.dll /y"

I take this to mean, boot with a boot disk or F8 to a command prompt and run the commands from there. OK if all goes well, we just have a couple things left. If you are asked for a CD ignore it. Remember to reboot and fix the registry like I did with the SFCDisable Reg hack. You must do both in Win2k to turn off file protection. Reboot and your're good to go. Check if it worked by going into the event viewer and look for an entry like this:

anybody want to find the offset for sp2?

(found in shell shocked #8)

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