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[ann]new Design For Www.ultradesks.fr.fm

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Originally posted by ultraman@Aug 16 2004, 06:39 AM

nothing to say


:rant: :rant: How about a damn WARNING!!! :rant: :rant:

For example a NOT WORK SAFE sign!!!! :rant:


Now I didnt click anything I shouldn't of but thats only because I have seen more.... :P

Nice coolection of wallpepr and desktop screenshots...I like your style. (milk with nude women.....those two go well together. :naughty: )

please add a warning... <_<

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I generally avoid agreeing with babypapichulo but in this instance he's right.

If your going to post a link to anything containing nude bodies, post a freakin' warning. And I'd do it quickly, or Stevie & Co. Inc. will have your ass on a plate.

As for the design; it's pretty bland. And the main content (IE; where "News" and the thumbs are) is 1px too wide..

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