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New ObjectDock tomorrow...


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In response to all the user feedback, another alpha will be coming out tomorrow. :) Found some unnecessary redrawing and fixed that up. The speed increase should be notable :) Also improved several other things in the speed-department, so should run much smoother than before for those of you who were having problems. Will be investigating ways to optimize it for those graphics cards that don't seem to be running at as quicky.

Something I was able to fix up that everyone will appreciate, I redid the Magnification code so that it is not completly acurate - huge improvment! The old method is still available for those who liked that, but the new method will be the default.

Other new stuff, you can now move the taskbar to the right ride of the dock if you'd like (or disable it all together). Putting in your own dividers isn't there yet, but will be at some point. Also, you can now customize the font used for the labels in the dock. (The font is selectable via dropdown list)

It'll be out tomorrow for everyone to check out, just passing along the word. :D


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gez a little playing around & looks like putting the dock on other sides of the screen won't be as hard as I thought! That won't be in for tomorrow's, but you can look for that and autohide to be headlining a release by the end of the week I'm willing to bet. Wee! fun! :P

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Originally posted by JMB1984@Nov 20 2002, 05:51 AM

Also, you can now customize the font used for the labels in the dock. (The font is selectable via dropdown list)

thank you SOOO much..

i was about to have a panic attack trying to find the Hex values for the Font..


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What I thought was really great in the last release of Yz Dock was the ability to switch off "always on top" so that the dock remains glued to the desktop and doesn't appear over running progs. I like this feature better than autohide, and I hope that Jeff can impliment that in a future release. Thanks again Jeff for the great dock app, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops!


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Originally posted by Blade@Nov 20 2002, 09:39 AM

/me is waiting to see and test... Nothing more... :P

Duckie, delete this post if you find it aggressive against stardock and please dont tell me anything, ok?

Huh? I don't get it...where is the irony?

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Originally posted by smerickson@Nov 20 2002, 01:39 PM

how about being able to make the background more transparent?  or at least being able to change the background image?  That would be great.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this project!!  In the words of Chris martin (Coldplay), this is most good.

Tips for the Dock background and my appreciations:

Replacing or modifying Dock background:

Open Objectdock in Reshacker

Choose the 'Bitmap' class of objects

What is needed to know:

129 is the separator

130 is the separator mask

131 is the dock bacground

132 is the dock bacground mask

If you want to chose the transparency, export the dock background mask and open it in an image editor. Increasing the brightness, the dock became opack; decreasing the brightness (darking) the dock becames transparent. Black 100% means full transparent; white 100% means full opaque. Obviously, you need replace the bitmap (132 in our case) with the modifyed one.

If you want to chose other background texture, attention! the bitmap resource is only a vertical narrow bar that's is broad on the dock width. Cannot have only that uniform or horizontal stripped textures. This resource is 131. Be cautious!

Good features:

Smooth zooming in 'Custom Engine'

Bouncing icons

Apps in background are shown

Good poofing effect

Customization of background apps icons

The possibility to drag a thing in the dock trash

Bad features:

Lack of notified running app (the triangle)

Lack of 'autohide'

Problems of saving confi

guration (more than 11 icons are not saving in case of reset)

Taskbar sector must be in the right part, between the trash and the icon situated in left part of the trash (Excuse my bad English).

I hope in a future better version

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