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The Official Darkside Of Aqua Modding

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Oh god man...I know how you feel. Damn system errors and all the other crap!


Here is my story:

I restarted my computer after getting some error about logonui.exe not being in system32 directory. Hommm

Reboot, safemode. Same error, cant even get to logon screen.


Reboot, safemode again, no go.


System saving phloppy into the floppy drive. No go.


Messing around with bios settings. No go.



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The Darkside of Aqua Modding? Whenever I go to a friend's or family's house and they have Classic or Luna, I get a terrible headache that won't go away for days, or even weeks. One time I went into a coma for 3 months. That's THE downside to Aqua Modding.

That and I fill up my 12GB hard drive really fast with programs, walls and styles, among other things, but we aren't talking about that.

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12gb drive??? Do they still exist? :naughty:

Anyways, I have Ghost-image of a clean install with the bare necessity's (including Flyakite 5.1 :rolleyes: ) on it permenantly on a different partition.

Damn shame that needs a boot-diskette. The alternative (burning image to bootable CD) takes way too much disks to be really usefull.

Oh, well...

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I ounce got angry that a file was been loaded up on boot and did nothing. as i had un installed the program it came with..

i was a n00b so I booted into dos and opened the editor and deleted the contense of the file.. i should of loaded msconfig and stopped it loading that way. silly me... >.<

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i lunched powder cleaner , lunched the memory scan , bam , blue screen and blue screen immediatly when i see the boot screen.

i lunch the xp cd , i lunch an chkdsk. i crashed at 23% , rebooted and i've got the message Plz insert an valid boot disk to continue and press ctrl+alt+del

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Originally posted by wizard@Aug 15 2004, 01:53 AM

:6 They did back in 1998, which is how old my computer is :D .


Well to be honest my pc is a '98/'99 built too.

With Windows 98, a Cyrix 6x86MX 233, 32 mb system memory,

and a 4 mb Cyrrus Logic CL 5465 Laguna (?) videocard. And a royale Seagate 4 gig HD. ;)

Dang, even my girlfriends pc back then a p200 mmx aptiva even outperformed it :rant:

Then I started to add hardware...

Built in a Creative SB Live (very hot back in '99) with 4.1 sound (which made me the stud of the geek-neighbourhood), a k6-2 450mhz (which was a turbo boost from the former cyrix 233 with no FPU) ... from 32mb main memory to 96...to a whopping 384 mb!!! HD from the 4 gb to 20 to...80 GB.

And if that wouldn't make me tha' man then the replacement from the 4 mb Laguna

to a 3dfx V O O D O O 3 2000 16 mb would :woot:

I sill miss the days when 3dfx was king :byecry:

Now this pc no good but to work with office, surf the net or to post on AS.

My mom will be very happy with it as a present when I buy myself a Athlon64 pc for X-mas.

Back to topic: dark side of OS X

Since I use Aqua-style on my pc, I can't stand pc's that have the standard luna like my neighbour does...no 128*128 icons or png's ... no dock...no WB with top-left callouts.

Even worse at work...win98...IE (blehhh...where's my tabbed windows as in Opera at home?). :pchawk:

This to me is the dark side of Aqua...once you get used to it, you miss it when it's not there. Now if only Apple would maken OS X for x86 or if all cool games and apps would run on a Mac, it would be bye, bye Wintel.

But since that's not the case...well, see my signature.

Happy Aquafy-ing,


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Originally posted by wiebeest@Aug 15 2004, 03:41 AM

12gb drive??? Do they still exist?  :naughty:

Anyways, I have Ghost-image of a clean install with the bare necessity's (including Flyakite 5.1  :rolleyes: ) on it permenantly on a different partition.

Damn shame that needs a boot-diskette. The alternative (burning image to bootable CD) takes way too much disks to be really usefull.

Oh, well...


OT: Actually, you could get by with no Ghost on your HD and no boot diskette.

It will require you to:

- run a TFTP server (e.g. http://tftpd32.jounin.net) on anothr PC in your network

- have a diskette image with ghost and packet driver controlled by bpbatch (google it)

- A running GhostCast server or a peer to peer ghost running on another PC

- A BIOS that supports booting from the network for each client PC that needs regular updates

Within a day or two, you could setup an environment with multiple images and

never look back...

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in my computer life(aboiut 2 years) y never saw a blue screen(damn i want to see that color!) :cry: , i crashed my sys 1 time with the damn shell32.dll i replaced it with a 1kb size file!!! :naughty: and then it was the first time i instaled(i never sauy hw to do that) windows xp lol and i'm still with that instalation >.

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Originally posted by ifido@Aug 14 2004, 05:58 AM

That Linux ? :) ive never had anything happen to me except when

I accidentally replaced my shell32.dll with the wrong file >.<


Ahh dude read the screen. That is NORTON GHOST a system restore application. it makes a image of your drive (including files in use (unlike X Copy <_< ) and also backs up your OS and apps, everytime something screws just pop in the cds and it will be restoard to its image condition (with apps and all))

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Originally posted by / / f o x o r@Aug 22 2004, 10:11 PM

And with all the Aqua-modding of my pc, I've had to reformat my computer at an average of once a month and recently it's becoming increasingly higher.

How does one manage that? ;) No, really...

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last night i decided to reformat my comp(long times), i wanted an argument to format it(it costs me so much) lol i deleted all entries in shell32!(intentionaly), and i reformaated my system partition :), remember make your self a pleasure, screw your shell32.dll up! :P

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Naive me used to think that all shell32.dll did was replace some icons and that was it. Zilch, nothing more. I found out exactly what can go wrong the hard way. I downloaded some GUI pack, but all I replaced was shell32.dll and nothing else. When I rebooted my computer didn't even make it to the login screen saying that it couldn't find some file it needed. Half an hour later after being on the phone with my friend, I was in a DOS command prompt type thing. So I renamed shell32.dll to shell32.dll.old. And then I couldn't remember what my backup shell32.dll was. After a bit of fiddling I found it, shell32.backup, and everything was back to normal. It scared me for a while though.

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Oh yes, I've had great fun there.. at one point I moved shell32.dll, which gave Windows no trouble, then rebooted... took me the longest time to dig up my XP boot CD and find where I'd put it in DOS :P

And this wasn't aqua-modding-related.. but at one point I was cleaning up disk space, and wondered whether my comp was saving old hibernation memory files.. I saw a gigantic file called "ntldr" and deleted it.

Guess what that stood for?

NT LoaDeR.

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