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Hey Yall,

Well, I've finally got my site working nicely, and I have a nice domain name and everything. So I think it's time I started getting people to come and visit.

The site contains all of my Aqua Metacity and GTK themes for Linux and Gnome users wanting to make their computer look more Mac-esque. The site also allows people to add their own downloads and links etc. and there is a forum. User participation is a bit low at the moment, so if anyone knows any good themes, then please add one to the downloads section, and try posting in the forum (NO-ONE has posted there yet :()

If you have your own theme then I can also host it for you, or act as a mirror server. You get unlimited bandwidth, but my space is limited, so I may not allow larger themes. If you're interested in this, then email [email protected]

Anyway, everyone should come and check it out. Theres only really linux stuff at the moment, but I'll be adding Windows and Mac themes and stuff if people submit some nice ones to the downloads section.

Oh... one more thing, the address:



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