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[wip] Icadex Alpha

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This thread will contain all further iCadex releases until the final version 1.0

icadex.gif prevbut.gif

Alpha 0.4 - The screenshot shows an earlier version

iCadex is an icon manager with an integrated online icon library called PixelPushers.

With iCadex you can browse PixelPushers, see a set, download it, and use it..

all in one interface. Also manage the 3000+ icons you have on your system.

PixelPushers is under development of Enhanced Labs and will be available soon.

Current iCadex features:

- Icon Library Management

- Copy Folders into your library

- Create links to folders

- Add Icons by Drag'n'Drop

- Configuration Dialog

- Flicker free full-window skinning engine

- Preview Image for PixelPushers sets



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iCadex Usage Guide



If you got iCadex running and don't know how to use it, here's another small guide for you:

How iCadex works:

  • it displays a list of all folders in the PixelPushers and Personal folders (the Icon Librarys)
  • When you click on a Icon Library it shows the icos of the folder (Currently it also shows Dirs & Zips)
  • When you select an icon, it shows a 128x182 preview
  • You can add and delete Icon Libs by pressing the + & - buttons
    - You can add a new Icon Library
    - Or copy an existing folder into your library
    - Or create a link to an existing folder
  • You can add icons to an existing IconLib by dragging them into the browsing window


If you press [-] (delete) iCadex will delete all the icons and other contents of the selected IconLib!

iCadex DOESN'T move them into the recycle bin!

Have fun with iCadex Alpha



I hope this guide help you using iCadex, if not contact me or Enhanced on MSN

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Thanks boys!!! I actually have to admit that I d/l the alpha a couple of days ago from your website b/c one of you had mentioned it in a thread that we were both chatting in at the same general time. I'm in love with this application....especially how you guys thought to integrate the web right into the software as an option while tweakin' your icons. How long do you thing it will take to work up to Version 1.0???

Thanks again!

Nate Dogg

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Darn it! I had a long post with some suggestions and congratulations, but it got deleted. I'll retype it, but it won't look as nice...

First of all, this is a great program! Aside from AveIconBook, which isn't one of his better works, there are no icon managers out there. Good job.

Suggestions (not requests!):

1) Make the min/max/exit buttons smaller. They are larger than they should be, and larger than they look on a Mac. Also, have the default Mac behavior- when one button is rolled-over, all change to their rollover state.

2) The brushed2 skin doesn't work. It says there's no top_left.bmp, and something else.

3) Have the deleted icons go to the Recycle Bin, instead of deleted forever. People change their minds, people have accidents...

4) Allow renaming of Libraries and links.

There were some others, but I don't remember what they were. If I think of them, I'll post.

Note: These are suggestions, not requests. I'm not some annoying ****ie who will piss you off because I say "I want this, I want that!" I feel that these will make your program better than it already is, which is saying something. For a pre-1.0 release, this is pretty darn good.

Great job!


P.S: You said the preview is 128*182. Is this a typo-is it supposed to be 128*128?

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Sorry for the late reply:p.. the project is still alive..we took a break from coding it for a few, while we work on our latest WindowBlind/Visual Style release and icon set.. after that is complete we will continue the development.

The skin that was released with .4 is just an alpha skin.. (not tweaked for perfection) so don't mind the minor querks :P

Also... If any of you guys want to create skins for this app.. have at it.. I'd love to see what you guys come up with.

So within the next month or so you should see releases of this app continuing.

also I am looking for a .net (C#) coder to recode this app in the .net enviroment inorder to add some nice eyecandy support like: dropshadow support for skins, png thumbnail browsing and much more.. :D.. PM me if you can help


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