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So Now That Sp2 Is Out...

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I told Chris (Flyakite) a while back I would get him SP2 final the day it comes out so he may get a head-start before the public (you guys) get it. Well, today is the day and I have it (I'm a MS SP2 beta tester), but Chris is on vacation and won't be back until next week. :-( I'd like to send him SP2 final ASAP, but with him being away, it won't matter much. And no, I can't share it with everyone because it's a 266Mb file.


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I'm almost positive that stefanKa had posted on one of his sysfile threads, that he was indeed working on a new set of sysfiles for SP2 Final...

I'll try to find the actual post as he had some 'ss', but this was about 1 -2 months ago, so the 'ss' were no longer on the server...

I hope that this is still in his game plans... :)

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ive had it running for the last 24 hours and it seems perfectly stable - most of the neowin problems are after a slip streamed installation so just us the exe update and you shouldnt have any problems

as for things running a little slow - i havent noticed any problems, i guess only time will tell

-The Unknown

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