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[ann]aquanet Goes Live


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Originally posted by Zilla@Aug 20 2004, 11:57 PM

bah, My HD is totally messed up, so Zillaland is offline until further notice. 

Getting a guy to check it out on the 25th, so fingers crossed.


man, i just upped you 2.3gb of files!! you're telling me it was for nothing!?!? jeez man, hope it gets sorted, and cheaply >__<

btw, anyone trying to connect to the aqua-net tracker who gets that error message as posted above should try connecting directly to the individual server like mine: yamatomachi.no-ip.com (no login / password) or other hosts like zilla or simon... bolero... ave... ?? anyone with files to share is welcome to join aqua-net by starting their own server, believe it or not, it's a hell of a lot of fun sometimes.

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