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[ann]aquanet Goes Live

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You thought we'd given up on it, but nope; after months of work, AquaNet is here! :D

For the uninformed, AquaNet (to my knowledge) is the first Aqua KDX network ever. Using the power of KDX and abbaZaba's handy tracker, we bring you nearly 10GB of files. We got Themes, Skins, Icons, Mods, System Files, Cursors, Sounds, Resource, Fonts, Screensavers and Wallpapers available for you to download. AquaNet consists over 5 individual servers run by myself, Ji Eun, Bolero, Zilla and AndreasV. Don't know what KDX is? Here's what the developers have to say:

KDX is a powerful "BBS"-style (Bulletin Board System) encrypted internet communications system that provides voice chat (Internet Telephone), text chat, messaging, news, file and folder transfer, remote access, trackers and more. It uses strong encryption to protect your communications for security and privacy. It is very useful for groups that need to collaborate on a project via the Internet. It is also very useful for remote administration of a computer. KDX uses a client/server architecture (NOT peer-to-peer).

Ji Eun's Idiot-Proof Guide to KDX

To access the server you will need the KDX Client available at the KDX Homepage. (Click to enter and scroll way down the page to find the DL link.) Unfortunately, KDX is shareware, but worth its weight in gold once you know your way around it.

Anyway, once you have downloaded, installed, and successfully launched the client, get yourself an avatar and a name by clicking 'commands'/'settings' on the main panel of the interface. As community members, please have the courtesy to set up a name and avatar. Next click the ‘connect’ button (just below ‘commands’)

IMPORTANT - First you will need to connect to abbaZaba's Tracker. When the Connect window is open, put "aqua-net.mine.nu:10900" in as the Address. Also, in the drop-down menu select Tracker. Once you have connected, the Tracker window should appear. Click on the General category, and select the server you wish to connect to. Depending on which server you selected, you will need to fill in the following information:

Yamato Machi

use this login/password: aqua/emu


use this login/password: guest/guest

StyleSuites KDX Server

use this login/password: aqua/aqua

Bolero's Aqua Mirror

use this login/password: guest/aqua


use this login/password: leecher/bah

Then click the highlighted ‘Connect’ button.

Depending on the server, you may see the chat window pop up. If you want, you can close this.

Next click ‘News’ on the main panel.

There may be different categories here, such as News, Requests, Uploads, Comments and such. We suggest you read these, especially the News, to find out what's going on.

Finally, click ‘File Browser’ on the main panel. From there you can can access the files on that server. Simply click on a file to download it - a File Transfer window will appear to give you information about your download. There is a speed limit on each server, to stop people using all the available bandwidth for themselves. If you think your download is going very slowly, please appreciate that there will be many other people on the server trying to download too ;)

However, understand that the servers will not be online 24/7. If the one you are on does go down, you can return later and continue downloading from where you left off. Or, you could go to one of the other servers :)

Of course, no file-sharing system works without people uploading. If you have any customisation content that you are willing to share with others, please place it in the Uploads folder provided.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the network. If you have any problems/suggestions please post them here or on the Comments section of the servers

Party Time! :woot:


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Originally posted by ji eun@Aug 6 2004, 08:35 PM

in your absence KDX has become happily anaconda-free, but sadly there's some business now with horses and eels >_<


Cant wait to get on with the new trend :o

/Me talks to the anacondas about them not being needed anymore -- What? :blink: you have never hired rapist anacondas before? :blink:

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/me can't connect to zillaland or stylesuites, because the pass appears to be incorrect

A Local error ocurred

Incorrent login and/or password

(ID 4/112)

Operation: Login

Server:      Zillaland

Time:          Tue, 10 Aug 2004, 9:31:36 AM


A Local error ocurred

Incorrent login and/or password

(ID 4/112)

Operation: Login

Server:      StyleSuites KDX Server

Time:          Tue, 10 Aug 2004, 9:32:33 AM

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