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Who Here Is A Musician?

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I play guitar/synths/vocals/drums. :rock:

Gear list (includes recently departed gear, and you may notice no amplifiers... all mine blew up, but I'm direct recording now anyways):

Roland Juno-60

Roland TR-909

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Edirol PCR-30

Edirol UA-5

Epiphone Les Paul

Peavey Raptor II (soon adding a midi pickup and synth module)

Fender F-65

oodles of effects

Apex condenser mic

Propellerheads Reason 2.5

Steinberg Cubase SX 2.0 (I think, it's been ages since I've used it)

tons of VSTis (inculding amp simulators)

Behringer Truths

there's more, but my brain hurts

Soon getting a G5 w/ Logic.... drool.....

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Well I guess I'm one of the few people who DON'T play guitar...lol

I've played trumpet since 5th grade.. so I guess i'm going into my 6th year of playing.

I've made region every year since 7th grade.. I'm going for all-state this year.. wish me luck! lol few 10th graders make all-state.. if any.

I play a Bach Stradivarius

and since about 6th or 7th grade i've been playing the flute.. which i taught myself to play.. woo.. i guess i'm pretty good, but I only play trumpet at school.

Thats my music life so far..

well I have to get back to marching practice in an hour..so thats it

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hrm. i play the keyboards (don't dare to say i play "piano" lol).

lately i've been stealing my bro's guitar and trying to learn it. i can play some stuff better than him (i do have a bigger background in music than he does so that's one plus for me lol)

oh! also! i've been fooling around with an acordeon lol it's fun to play acordeon lol though i can't do anything really good with it.

edit: forgot to say that my keyboard is a Roland EM-25 :)

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Originally posted by wizard@Aug 6 2004, 12:04 PM

Dorks and Nerds are too different groups.

A nerd is an unsophisticated or uncool person, A dork is a stupid or foolish person.

A geek is someone who knows the difference between a dork and nerd. >.<


Now all we need is the definition of "dweeb". :lol:

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OK... here's a link if anyone want's to give a listen.

Black Rayn

Tell me what ya think.

There's a couple of songs on the CD I don't care for, but the other guys in the band dig 'em.

Enjoy! :D

BTW: This is the band I am currently in.

I did not perform on this CD as it was made before I officialy joined, but I did help write several of the songs.

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