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my newly 'madeover' website and my forums are now open and include a video game trading club and software news but the frontpage news (the common news link on the regular site) doesn't work and if you know how to fix it i'll let you be an admin. it runs on IPB 2.0 PF1 (i'm too lazy to update) btw its admins currently are Tuxedo, me, and ihartmacz. for the regular site, the ui has changed dramatically. if anyone wants to know something about it post here.


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Have you setup the IPB portal to read from your news forum?

Go into the Portal Settings and change the forum ID to the one that you require the portal to read the news off if you haven't setup the portal. The Forum ID can be found by hovering your mouse over the link for the news section on your forums front page.

BTW. Nice design except it doesn't look right in Safari. Also, I would suggest that you use CSS positioning for the layout and not tables.

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