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alright, well whenever I post screen shots I get a million requests for my IM program and icons. I use miranda IM

btw. I decided to just make a full set of icons for this program or any other use people want to use them for. They

are only in 16x16 size and are meant for the sys tray or in IM programs. Use them for whatever you want though. I

really appreciate feedback so please post any comments, concerns, problems or suggestions. that is all. peace.

here is a preview


and here is the LINK


ps.. i did use the original iChat icon from OSX for inspiration, but did not copy it, as OSX icons are 22x22 and

windows are 16x16. this is all my work.

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Hi fellow2000,

Would you mind putting those icons in some sort of format that would allow them to automatically drop into their assigned places in Miranda?

One can, if one likes, do it manually, but it's a bit of a hassle. Also what other may allocate one way, you as the designer may have something more locgical in mind.

Bling Blung Blong,


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hmmm, im not sure. I can put them all into a dll, but then of course like you said, which one do i assign to which one. to change them, all you have to do is drag and drop them. Would you like me just to put them all into a dll with the names that I have already givent them, so you can just drag and drop from that dll and decide where you want to put what yourself?

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