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[release] V Animator (includes Buttonanimator V2)

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Hey, there is still traffic on my webspace from this.

But i am sorry, i moved to the mac world years ago, and i think it is understandable that i don't do anything in this direction anymore.

Ah btw. i can only advise to do the same ;-)

Thanks for using this back then, and have a good time.


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Vjay, you harbinger of meh news ;)

It's good to see you around & about and to know you are in good health.

It's unfortunate to know you moved on.. your V Animator app is still such a great program and I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd wish you'd continue to develop it for WinXP. The only carrot I could think of is that aforementioned web traffic. But I know life can place things in greater priority so a heartfelt thanks for what you contributed to the community. :)

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