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Kabal's Finderbar

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OMG this is very coool!!!!! great great!!!

Your little trick is nice but how can i get back the tree view after launching the explorer?? (not by default but just to switch back to it)

I hope there will be this kind of features integrated to FinderBar on next releases :)

By the way ja450n, can you give the REG files to take the folder tree view back as default?? or just the values to change.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH you 3 Kabal and Ja450n!!! woot woot

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EDIT, could you maybe include .icl files also when you edit the icons? I think this would be a great addition!

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Hehe wow, everyone loves finder bar :lol:

I actually spent all saturday writing code to load icons from ICL files. It wasnt easy as the windows API functions I could find to do this only load in two sizes.. "large" and "small".. not much good for my purposes so I had to do it manually... sigh.

Anyway, i'll put out a new version with ICL file support soon but I want to add a few other things first before I do.


I've never seen that happen so I'm not sure. I'll probably be replacing the edit dialog with something much more user friendly soon anyway.

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This app is WONDERFULL !!! And better than ever since it can be enabled by default.

Just some little bugs to report (not bugs, actually, more glitches...)

-When editing the list with 48*48 icons, the icons look jerky and aliased until I restart explorer or Reload configuration.

-When editing for the first time the location of an item, the default icon gets transparent, you have to set it again manually.

-In the icon-chooser form (that lists the icons of a file), nothing happend if you enter a file path in the bar above the window.

Hope you can get it fixed :)

And by the way, is it possible to add a separator-feature ? It would be nice ;)

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I know about most of those, I was just too lazy to fix them because I was the only one using it for the last 3months :). But could you explain this one a bit better? I'm not quite sure what you mean:

-When editing for the first time the location of an item, the default icon gets transparent, you have to set it again manually.

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I start explorer with the bar, and try to change, well... the text of the first item, "Finder", for example.

I get this window :


I click OK, OK again, and then the icon disappears. "Save config", "Reload config", to fix the jerky icons, icon still not back. I get this :


I just have to select again the same icon in shell32, so it's not really serious. But thats the bug.

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hy Kabal

One more time Thank you for your app, here is what i noticed after some days of using

- Clicking on the browse to chose my icon file make my Synaptics Touchpad driver crash... lol dunno why. This happen just when i got the "chose icon" dialog when i click on "browse" to select an icon or icon library. Maybe is it something you can fix maybe not... that's ennoying but not vital

- Like my french colegue kemenaran told you, the icon size is too crapy when not default :P

- I REALY MISS MY FOLDER TREE sometimes, it could be nice if you find a way not ro replace but add a new toolbar ;)

- Drag and Drop would be TERIBLE!!! but not to add something in the list but move files (maybe a locked mode to enable file DND and if not locked DND add to list)

- The first time I launch Explorer it's very very slow to show up since i installed FinderBar. I uninstalled it and it run normaly, the reinstall and it became slow (only on the first launch of an explorer I precise)

- Add a feature to make it default (like ja450n did with reg files but someting intergated) so that we can easily switch back to Tree as default if we want

- I stop here... nothing else to add... except this is a very good and usefull work!!!

Thank you Kabal for making this app so great I hope you will soon make it much better with all the comments and suggestions we made :)


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What a great application!! It works so nice. I love it how I can switch quickly to different folders this way.

I do have some suggestions to improve this thing though:

1) fix the shortcut (CTRL+S), would be nice if it worked.

2) try to get it to show up automatically when opening explorer.

3) make use of default Windows widgets, since this doesn't look too good (see screenshot), together with a manifest file you can make it theme aware.

4) also for selection boxes (right now it is light grey), make use of the default windows color.... it helps getting everything consistent with the rest of the OS.

5) drag 'n drop shortcuts (if possible this would be great).

6) change the order of the icons by dragging and dropping.

7) an option to remove the labeltext so you have only icons.

Just some things that popped up in my mind. Other then that it is just heaven. I love using this thing.

Thanks for that!!


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Originally posted by Kabal@Jul 23 2004, 02:23 AM

Hehe its okay Duckie :lol:


Thanks for being so understanding. I just think it is funny how someone snuck around your link then posted about an app you didnt advertise and now everyone is going bonkers falling over themselves to report bugs on an app that was never officially released.

I commend you on all your work. It is clean and superb.

Keep it up

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Originally posted by Schmoove@Jul 23 2004, 06:33 AM

So suddenly it is wrong to give some constructive critisism, hints, tips, suggestions?

Maybe it is you who needs to lighten up a bit.....


I wasn't censoring anyone, I am simply dismayed that everyone took it upon themselves to overrun his email, PM's, and threads with something he never officially released here.

Someone got nosy and snooped around and then released the info on this app without permission. Sorry, but that is rude.

then, people creating threads about it and asking for additions/fixes? That is a tad bit presumptive.

As Kabal said:

I actually made it a number of months ago but basically stopped because I didnt think any one else would be interested in it, and it was at a point where it was good enough for just me to use

Maybe if someone had asked, and then had permission, and THEN got him to agree to this thread, I wouldnt have an issue. but as it stands, few of you have any respect for developers. Part of this thread proves that.(there are also many helpful points to this thread)

I'm just glad he is taking it so well...we've lost other good developers over less, so losing this gentlemens addition to the community would be a shame as we have VERY FEW developers left and few with his skills.

you can say what you want about the way i am handling this, but I am not the one who broke someones trust and basically stole something that didnt belong to me. I am simply stating a valid opinion.

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on a positive note, I am glad there are people like ja450n and others that are helping this app work seemlessly within windows and giving others the info/help they need.

I am also glad it has been accepted so widely and openly.

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If you make something that is only meant for personal use, then you just shouldn't publish it on the internet at all. He did publish it so people can download it, use it, ask questions about it and in my opinion people are also free to suggest things, give the author hints or tips or whatever.

If Kabal doesn't want that I suggest he pulls it of the web... it is that simple. Or just say that there is no support (take it or leave it), though as he never mentioned that, we are free to ask him what we want.

That is my opinion on it.

Besides, nobody snooped around as you call it. It is on his website, it's out there right in front of your face..... again if he doesn't want it he just shouldn't make it available. So nobody stole anything....

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well ive made a few changes to the auto-startup key Ja450n posted earlier. in this version all you need to do to click the corresponding cmd files (enable.cmd disable.cmd) it makes all the changes and restarts explorer.exe. nothing special, just turns four steps into one.

NOTE: the restore key dosnt seem to work for me, it removes the finder bar but im left with a blank space when folder view is enabled. this happens with your

version aswell ja450n :( , not sure whats going on.


-The Unknown

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Originally posted by Kabal@Jul 18 2004, 06:28 PM

Hehe wow, everyone loves finder bar :lol:

Anyway, i'll put out a new version with ICL file support soon but I want to add a few other things first before I do.

hi kabal, what you think...when we can dl the next release?? :rolleyes:

I cant wait... :woot:

thanx from


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