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Kabal's Finderbar

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Yeah I made finder bar a while ago.. I use it all the time :P. But yes, as far as i know, there is no way to make explorer open it by default! If anyone knows how to I would be eternally grateful. Also no, the shortcut key (control+s) doesn't actually work. I should really get around to fixing that.

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But yes, as far as i know, there is no way to make explorer open it by default! If anyone knows how to I would be eternally grateful

*evil laughter*

i've figured out how to get the "finder view" to come up by default.

but, i'm trying to figure out an easier way to do it,

right now, you have to have explorer set to view "tree view" by default, for it to work.

but i may be able to find a way to replace the "common tasks" pane with the "finder view" bar..

so it gets cut to two steps, instead of about four.


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Originally posted by Kabal@Jul 14 2004, 10:48 PM

How do you make it replce the tree view by default!?! :)

Because you can easily make all folders open in the tree view..


i don't have time right now to go into detail. (i will later today, i promise)

it's all in the registry..

i have a request, too..

could you write another "Explorer Bar" but this time, a horizontal one, like the "Tip of the day" bar, that has a search function in it (to resemble OS X 10.4's new search bar) ??

i can easily replace the default search bar.

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Make sure you have .NET installed then run the setup program. Then in a new explorer window go to the view menu -> explorer bar -> finder bar.

I haven't really tested this program at all so if it works on anyones computer its a miracle :)

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How To set the "Finder Bar" to come up by default.


we need to get windows to launch the "Folders Bar" by default.

start off, by opening an Explorer window.

goto >Tools > Folder Options

in here click on the "File Types" tab.

scroll down to "Folder" not "File Folder"

click on "Advanced"

the word "Open" should be bold, this means it's the default action for folders.

but we want "Explore" to be the default

(this will cause explorer to launch the "Folders" view by default)

so click on "Explore" and then the button that says "Set Default"

then hit ok, etc etc.

we're done with Step 1.



There are 2 reg files in the Zip file posted below..

"set-finderbar.reg" will enable the finderbar in place of the folders tree view.

"restore-tree.reg" will set the treeview back to the way it was before.

you can get a ZIP file containing both .Reg files at this URL http://mysite.verizon.net/~ja450n/finderbar-reg.zip

NOTE: Once you change the Registry settings, you'll have to restart Explorer (kill it in TaskManager, and run it again)

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oh man, this is sweet now. Thanks ja450n! Bit of a shame you can no longer get access to the tree view though.

I'll have a play around with it though and probably make an options dialog in finder bar that allows u to set up that registry stuff with a button press in the next couple of days :)

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